Benefits Of time and Attendance System for your Employs

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Many workers do not yet realize that, time attendance software installed in a biometric control clock or other device is useful and convenient in these times when so much information is handled. This system helps managers and all employees who need to keep a better accounting record of their hours worked.

The effectiveness of the attendance tracking software by this software will get the track record of the exact time of arrival of employ and departure on an employee. Forget the time when you had to wait for your report to be delivered or when you had to review payroll by payroll to calculate overtime. Now you can get the information available from your computer, tabs or Smartphone, and it is much more easies then before the technique of taking attendance. Today, one of the best ways to calculate overtime hours is using an overtime calculator.

At present, companies that manage attendance control based on the “card check.” But this technology is a thing of the past. Organizations need to have fast and efficient control to corroborate if their employees complied with their working hours. For this, employee tracking system and software for attendance control is the solution. For this, software for attendance control is the solution.

This registration can be carried out through different biometric equipment – fingerprint or facial identification -, proximity cards or identity card, among other methods. The attendance control software sends the data of each of the workers to the cloud, leaving the information available for use at any time. It is vital to have Assistance Software duly accredited with the new ordinary 5849-133 of 12.04.19, informed by the Labor Department.

 Benefits you can get from having a staff attendance control system


If you have the time and attendance software control, it is likely that in addition there is  no need to investing more time than you should, you will not get have errors or inaccurate counts. These errors only occur only when you use traditional techniques.

On the other hand, after installing time and attendance systems, fraud, time theft and mistakes are reduced since the control is carried out automatically.

Both managers and employees can know and monitor their time and data; Furthermore, everything is in real-time and is recorded.

Productivity increase

A proper staff time and attendance systems for small businesses will save you time. The people in charge of these processes will finish their responsibilities faster and can focus on other essential activities for the company.

Attendance software considerably minimizes the time to carry out a payroll; fast forward on calculations of working days, vacations, absences, etc. In this way, you avoid overloading those responsible.

Reliable reports and reports

You can collect all the information and data you need for your operations quickly and safely. Everything will be in one place; In addition, easily visible and understandable reports and statistics will be created.

An attendance control system gives you the tools so that you do not have to enter the information manually since the program displays them. At all times you can monitor the system and verify the data.

Easy installation

There is no reason to panic and believe that a staff attendance control system is synonymous with complication and difficulty because it is not. Installing these programs is simple. They are usually intuitive programs that have backup support that you can go to if you have any questions or do not know how to use a system tool.

They can also be installed on computers, tablets, and cell phones; they are easily accessible.

Employees are more satisfied

Having an efficient and reliable assistance tool ensures that payments are made on time and accurately, this of course brings satisfaction to the workers.

Also important is the fact that the same employees can consult your information, about their times, the days worked, the hours, etc. that gives them confidence. In addition, it makes it easier for them to obtain data since it will not be necessary for them to approach the head of Human Resources.

Attendance control software

As for the competition, it is necessary to know that in many opportunities they are not as honest as they should, and they come to commit any irregularity by accessing the information of your company to know first-hand the tactics necessary for success.

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