6 Essential Office Supplies for Your Small Business

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Whether you run a small business enterprise or an administrative owner,  you want to have your office equipped with relevant office supplies.

An office without basic office supplies is home to chaos, gross work output, and productivity inefficiency. Whereas incorporating the relevant utilities will ensure guaranteed efficiency and sustained productivity in your office.

All of this boils down to a single fact- an office is incomplete without office supplies. These supplies can range from basic supplies like staplers and scissors to more complex equipment like the shredder and photocopier/printer.

1. Writing Supplies

This refers to an array of supplies you use to write or sketch in the office. Writing Supplies typically include pens, highlighters, markers, sharpeners, pencils, and erasers.

2. Grouping Supplies

Collection and distribution of documents based on similarity or other relevant indicators are very frequently in the office. Grouping Supplies help to cater to these needs.

Stapler, staples, stapler remover, rubber bands, paper clips, and other binding equipment are examples of grouping supplies.

Although some of this equipment might feature similar utility, your choice and preference primarily depend on how long and well you want your documents grouped and bound.

3. Paper Shredder

Due to several reasons, legislative regulations included office paper waste, especially those that include sensitive information that has to be thoroughly destroyed. This is where the shredder comes into play.

The addition of a paper shredder to your office ensures that you properly discard your documents, sensitive or not. It ensures that your office environment is clean and tidy at all times.

4. Computers

Whether it is a desktop or a PC, their importance to your office is apparent in this technology age.

Adding a computer to the office takes work efficiency and productivity to the next level. Whether for personal utility or group use, they are indispensable tools to any office in the current electronic age.

5. Files and Folders

Despite the increasing diffusion of the paperless office concept, files and file folders are still irreplaceable to your office. They facilitate the organization, grouping, and storage of important documents.

They are usually arranged in filing cabinets, shelves, and in specific orders, depending on specifications for easy retrieval and adjustments.

6. Printers and Photocopiers

An ideal office churns out at least dozens of paper prints daily. And even more, documents are duplicated in the process. Therefore, you can’t but not have a printer and a photocopier in your office.

Over time, printers have evolved to feature duplicating functions as in photocopiers. So, you can either opt for stand-alone printers and photocopiers or choose the photocopier-printer depending on your preference.

Your preference can mostly be influenced by your needs and the size of your workspace. For example, if you need a single-function printer you can use desktop laser printers which increase productivity and cut your costs. Meanwhile, if your tasks require not only printing but also scanning and copying, multifunctional office printers are must have in your workspace. These printers do not take up huge space like several machines separately and keep your business running smoothly. 

Internet, envelopes, phone systems, calendars, and stamps are other equipment you should add to your office if you don’t already have one.

Incorporating or adding these basic supplies will ensure that your employees work efficiently and accurately, thereby boosting your organization’s overall productivity.

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