4 Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May No Longer Be Able To Cope At Home

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If your parent, close friend, or other family member is elderly, then it is sometimes the case that, at some point, they may no longer feel comfortable or indeed competent in living independently in their own home.

However, usually, the individual in question may not even realize that they are struggling and it can sometimes be up to the people in their close circle to attempt to ascertain, for example, if that lapse in memory was just an ordinary part of aging or an indication of something a little more serious.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of four signs that your elderly loved one may no longer be able to cope at home.

1. An Untidy & Messy Home

Everyone, regardless of age or how busy and packed full their daily life is, has days when they simply cannot be bothered to tidy up, wash the clothes and do the dishes.

However, if on several visits to your loved one’s home recently, you have noticed chores or piles of garbage that have not been touched since you were last there, this could mean that they are struggling to physically clean and tidy their home as easily as they used to.

2. Their Personal Hygiene Has Taken A Turn ForThe Worse

Similar to signs of untidy and messy home, another sign that your aging loved one is no longer able to comfortably and competently live independently by themselves in their own home is if their personal hygiene has taken a proverbial turn for the worse.

When a person is physically hindered, or even emotionally hindered, tasks that may seem simple to you and indeed used to be simple for your loved one, such as brushing their teeth and washing their hair can turn into impossible chores.

3. They Have Seem To Have Lost Weight Too Quickly

When a person reaches a certain age in adulthood, it is less likely for them to gain or indeed lose vast amounts of weight at all, let alone in shorter periods of time. It is, therefore, concerning if you notice that each time you visit your loved one, they appear to have gotten thinner and thinner.

One of the biggest advantages, amongst many, of you and your loved one considering together the move to prestigious and reputable assisted living Nashville communities is that your loved one will be afforded three nutritious, healthy, and delicious meals a day plus access to whatever snacks and drinks they would like.

4. They Are Missing Important Payments & Medications

Another warning sign that should definitely be focused upon is if your loved one is avoiding, or more likely simply forgetting, to pay household bills and other financial obligations and/or forgetting to take their prescribed medications.

In the latter case, it is even more necessary to not pursue this issue, either with your loved one themselves or their medical doctor or other trained professional.

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