10 Best Smart Pocket Watches to Upgrade Your Digital Lifestyle in 2022

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Time is the most valuable thing for any living species on the planet. Obviously, over some time, our early ancestors could learnt a pattern evolving based on plantation, harvesting, hunting or gathering food before the start of winter. However, people were still looking for something to help him pinpoint the exact time in the day, and it came to their notice that the sun cast shadows differently in the morning than in the evening. The moon also displayed various patterns, which took time for people to be familiar with it. This made them learn to use the sun, and the moon to map out their days, termed the celestial clock.

Ancient Egyptians were the first people who separated night and day into a 24-hour cycle and were named unequal or seasonal because the lengths of the day changed with the seasons. The celestial clock relies on the sun upon an hour hand as the sun passes from east to west, it casts a shadow. A random stick was placed into the ground that cast a shadow and moved accordingly in a semi-circle around the stick; the pattern had markers that divide the day into equal parts.

Sundials also work on the same principle. Movement of the sun help in telling the time of year because the sun would drift in the north during the summer and drift in the south for the autumn and winter months. The sun’s position in the sky was higher in the summer and lowered in the winter, and dials progressed to use the changing seasons and followed the suns to tell the time and date was evolved. Thats how the clock was invented. Earlier clocks and watches were huge and would be fixed in one place. As time passed, the size of the watches reduced slowly, and pocket watches came into existence with a fascinating history.

Pocket watches were very popular in the mid of 20th century. The pride and royal would reflect on the people who would carry these pocket watches. Smart pocket watches that we see today are technologically driven and advanced descendants of traditional pocket watches. With the improvement in technology, pocket watches do more than just telling the time. These watches can use it to make phone calls, check messages, and in some cases, capture video or even monitor the body’s pulse and sleeping pattern.

The device can become a smart pocket watch only if it resembles a traditional pocket watch. Your smartphone cannot act as a smart pocket watch if you remove it from your pocket to see the time. The most normal thing is that pocket watches are round. However, through the different decorative motifs or the engravings on the covers, it is usually given a more handmade touch. Still, one thing is common: the trends that are a lot of simplicity can be seen in the design of these watches.

How to wear a pocket watch?

There are numerous ways to wear a pocket watch, but the best way to do it is in your pants pocket or jacket or the front pocket of your blazer. While wearing a pocket watch on pants, a bolt ring can be used to hook it on the belt, or a watch fob can be used to let it hang from your pant pocket. Either way, it looks cool.

Since to make it more stylish pocket watches, there are numerous or fancy chain options to increase the elegancy of these watches.

Pocket watch chain: Chain can be used by any metal depending upon the watch model and lifestyle. Few prefer to use it as a gold chain or silver, whereas some look for more elegant designs, but the most common is the Albert T-Bar chain; this chain is designed to attach through a buttonhole on a jacket or waistcoat looks classy on formal wear.

Smart Pocket Watches

Here is the list of luxury smart pocket watches to use.

1. Hamilton pocket watch:

Started in 1892, this Swiz watch manufacturer is known for its accuracy in flights. This watch was an official watch for the USA’s four major commercial airline companies. Hamilton watch was also selected as a timekeeper for the maiden coast-to-coast services from New York to San Fransico. The Hamilton is known for being the finest watch ever made. There is a mixed reaction on the people on this statement. but the fact is that Hamilton watches demand a premium collection of watches without a question and the most collectable of  watches manufactured by America

2. Westclox pocket watch:

Started by Charles Stahlberg, Westclox had a humble start with only small clocks and wind-up alarm clocks. They entered the pocket watch business in the 19th century when there was a huge demand for premium pocket watches worldwide. While the primary focus was on pocket watches, Westclox also started to manufacture small decorative handbag watches that grabbed the attention of many businesswomen and royal families.

3. Steampunk pocket watch:

A pocket watch is the ultimate accessory for any human being due to modernity, charm, and classicism. Half-modern, half-retro style look by wearing this timepiece reflects a class. Steampunk pocket watch combines luxury, confidence, and presence with its vintage style. It will be a pleasant surprise for anybody who owns it or looks to own this beautiful masterpiece.

4. Fullmetal alchemist pocket watch:

Inspired by the famous Japanese animated series, this pocket watch sets in the background of Alchemy High Developed World. Edward Eric and His Brother Alphonse Elric miss their dead mother. Their desire to see their mother again had made them offend the biggest taboo in Alchemy, that is, the Transmutation of human beings that made them attempt to create or modify a human being. The dragon engraved on the top lid of the watch gives a feeling of a Samurai.

5. Colibri pocket watch:

This 19th-century watch still carries its legacy, reflecting on the models of their watches. Colibri pocket watches are known for their antique designs, which not online increases the person’s pride. Still, it gives a sense of royal feeling to the people who own it. These handmade premium pocket watches are manufactured with the utmost care by watchmakers. If you are someone who likes to own the luxurious antique gem, then your search ends here.

6. Bulova pocket watch:

The early watch pieces were circular and held their trend for a very long time. Bulova completely changed the phase of the watch manufacturing industry by introducing rectangular watches to the world. This Japanese watch-making company is always known to surprising the world with its unique designs and gaining popularity among the people.

7. Bronze pocket watch:

Another traditional pocket watch known for its unique antique designs in the market to attract consumers. As the name indicates, Bronze pocket watch browse coated watches that suit the personality when worn informal outfits. In early times these watches used to be made of bronze balance. As the temperature increased, the balance expanded to change the moment of inertia and timing of the watch, which was something new that people had witnessed. Along with it, the hairspring would lengthen, decreasing spring constant.

8. Hampden pocket watch:

Thinking about a premium quality pocket watch. Look no further because Hampden is known in the market for manufacturing premium quality watches since 1866. The vintage look on the watches manufactured by Hampden is reflected even in today’s time. Hampden introduced the 16-size movement of watches in the railroad services when the demand for the movement watches peaked. Hampden watches made of railroad grade pocket watches are one of the finest pocket watches launched by Hampden. It had such high standards and quality that the watch attempted to copy the work in the American firms to the point of producing watches with American sounding brands or movement names. As a result, Hampden offers an exceptional example of American watchmaking from the early part of the 20th century.

9. Sterling silver pocket watch:

If you want to gift a person and are fond of watches. Then there is no perfect gift other than sterling silver pocket watches. Combined with a classic pen set or just a pocket watch, sterling silver watches perfectly fit all the categories of gift sets. Sterling silver watch comes with silver coating and simple embroidery work, making it look classy when carried with formal attire. Several designs and patterns of the silver pocket watch can be chosen as per the personality or collection; this watch will out-stand all other silver amenities when placed around it. It is always a winning situation. 

10. FMA pocket watch:

These are a full set of the Alchemist watch sets you can think of if you are an Alchemist fan; the superb look taken from the animated series drives people crazy. This will act as a perfect gift for them.

Conclusion: These are some of the suggestions of the premium pocket watches for all the people who like to include pocket watches as part of the daily formal attire that makes them look classy.

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