Should You Hire A Local Conveyancer?

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Many people when looking for a conveyancing solicitor will look to their local high street, however, this is not always the best option.

I am looking for conveyancing solicitors near my office

Most high street solicitors will work standard office hours. They will send communications and only be available for updates during those hours. If you also work office hours, while conveyancing solicitors in Norwich may be close to your office, it may actually be harder to carry out processes such as ID checking and get regular updates.

Alternatively, a conveyancing solicitor who is used to working with more distant clients may have online facilities to make the process easier. For instance, you can request an online conveyancing quote from UK’s top conveyancing solicitors, AVRillo. They also offer top-rated conveyancing services in Norwich and are ranked as the best conveyancing solicitors in Nottingham.

This might include remote ID verification, allowing you to complete the identity requirements through a mobile device at your own leisure rather than taking time off work to attend the solicitor’s office. Similarly, a solicitor used to working remotely may have an online portal you can access, allowing you to get an up-to-the-minute update on progress at any time. No more sleepless nights wondering what is happening, or distracted days waiting for your conveyancing solicitors in Norwich to call you back.

Will conveyancing solicitors have local knowledge?

It is important to remember that no two properties are the same and a solicitor should not be relying on their own knowledge rather than the proper searches and documentation to advise you.

For example, even if conveyancing solicitors in Norwich lived next door to your purchase property, they may not be aware of the installation date of the boiler, or whether the building regulations paperwork for the conservatory is in order.

There are a plethora of searches available in modern conveyancing to provide all types of data on the property, any conveyancing solicitors in Norwich or elsewhere should be relying on the formal documentation to advise their clients. There is therefore no benefit to specifically appointing conveyancing solicitors in Norwich.

Your Conveyancer

Who are they, what do they do, how can I contact them, will they be there for me?  These are just some examples of the many questions that we often have when it comes to your conveyancer, but did you know you can choose the one that’s right for you?

But your conveyancer was recommended by the estate agents?

You may think choosing your conveyancer is not within your control and it’s so easy to often buy into the recommendations that estate agents give you for your conveyancer. Estate agents work closely with some firms, in particular, your conveyancer, therefore, is often recommended not only because they work closely together but in turn, the agents will make a profit by getting referral fees.   Whilst on many occasions this works out for people, sometimes your conveyancer ends up not being the right fit for you which can lead to a very frustrating time for you both.

Things to consider about your conveyancer

So, the agents have recommended your conveyancer to you, it is a great company with amazing reviews, but they are based 250 miles away. Is this right for you? You won’t be attending the office, you need to rely on using their award-winning online databases… but you think to yourself ‘I am unfamiliar with technology and struggle.’

Deep down, you feel your conveyancer needs to be someone close by, giving you confidence that you can call into the office and speak to your conveyancer directly about any confusion you have. The thought of not being able to do this with your conveyancer makes you feel anxious and alone.

Our advice:

Do some research, and speak to friends and family who have moved recently and are similar to you. Look on the internet at real reviews- such as Trust Pilot and Google. Ensure your needs can be met by choosing your conveyancer yourself, rather than expecting a conveyancer you didn’t choose, to change how they work to suit your needs which will only end in a disappointing journey for you both.

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