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7 Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Installation Tips

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Having beautiful countertops for your outdoor kitchen not only enhances the beauty of your Kitchen but also opting for good quality options makes it durable. If you choose a highly fashionable material that is not durable or resistant to heat or cold weather conditions it might be very costly for you. In this article, we will let you know about such 7 outdoor kitchen countertop ideas.

7 Beautiful ideas for your dream outdoor countertops


Tile Countertops are very popular for not only being used in indoor kitchens but also in outdoor kitchens. They’re durable, easy to clean, and beautiful looking and their biggest advantage is that they’re available in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and materials and you can choose among a wide variety of options that suits your need for the best. They are also more affordable than most of the other countertop options, however, it depends on the type of tile you choose. For instance, Porcelain tiles are generally preferred more over ceramic tiles as outdoor countertop ideas.

The first and foremost important thing to remember is to have a proper installation process to avoid any disaster in the future. We often see plywood being used under the tiles for indoor installation but in the case of outdoor installation waterproof board is best.


We regularly see that many homemakers love the ultimate rustic look that would outdoor countertops give. Although wood is selected by many for outdoor kitchen countertops it is essential to note that it requires high maintenance. Not only for outdoors but also indoor kitchen countertops the above statement is applicable. The reason why it requires very high maintenance is that it starts amplifying in the outdoors once faced with rain, heat, or sunlight.

Since wood is not very highly suggested and or durable if you want a more durable option that looks like wooden countertops we might suggest you would like paving stone as well. It gives you a similar rustic look like real wood without the high maintenance.


Porcelain is another brilliant good looking option. They are highly durable, require low maintenance, and most importantly does not fade in the sun. They don’t need sealing and also won’t etch or Stain. They are also scratch-resistant, except for in the case of ceramic knives, so while using them you need to be a little bit careful.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel effortlessly gives A contemporary and shake look. They work wonderfully for both indoors and outdoor countertop ideas. They are they don’t only give an elegant look to your kitchen to your outdoor kitchen but also give you an antibacterial, require low maintenance with no sealing, and are a highly durable outdoor kitchen countertop option and can take heavy usage. They fit perfectly in modern to traditional looks.

However, this material gets hot when exposed to the Sun for some time. Try to keep your Countertop shaded, when opting for stainless steel, to ensure you have the most out of it.


Granite as a material is the most durable and toughest stone type available in the market. Granite cannot be easily stained and also comes in numerous varieties. Another advantage of granite is that it is also highly resistant to external natural elements like cold and hot weather conditions.

Tip: If you also love natural stones for your outdoor kitchen countertops and wants something that would easily slay the look THE BEST, granite is surely the best option for you.


Soapstone is nonporous. However, it is essential to note that if they’re not taken proper care of or cleaned regularly, this dark stone countertop might darken even more. But here lies the advantage, it can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water. Applying regular oil will also give protection and help in maintaining a dark and beautiful shine to your countertop. Due to its dark color, it can sometimes be hot to the touch, but, it is otherwise resistant to heat cold, and every other weather condition.

Paving stones

Even though there are multiple countertops options, many homeowners still prefer paving stones to build their outdoor kitchens base. Not to mention, pavers are not only highly durable and attractive but also is a slip-resistant option. Another one of the major benefits of opting for paving stone for your outdoor counters is that repair cost is comparatively less expensive.

2 Types of countertops are mostly preferred (Dos)


Granite is the king of outdoor kitchen countertops. The popular choice, this durable stone effortlessly pulls through rough outdoor environments with ease. Granite is also super easy to clean. Thus granite is a super cool idea.


Longevity is your prime concern, concrete is the top dog. Having proper installation and recurring sealing, concrete will shrug off unnecessary elements like mildew, mold, and stains.

2 Types of countertops although beautiful but not preferred much (Don’ts)


Quartz does not very highly prefer because it will turn yellow if exposed to the elements or even sunlight. However, if your outdoor kitchen countertop is protected from any kind of sunlight, quartz can be your preferred option.


Laminate through a cheap option, the particleboards underneath are often likely to rot, warping and mildew. When protected from the sun, it is just a beautiful countertop option, however, being exposed to sun and moisture can cause them to rot or warp.

Color that would effortlessly look the best for your outdoor countertops

Not only having a stylish countertop is important but also having matching colors that would make it look even more elegant.

  • Elegant looking -bronze and gold – If you wish to create a comfortable outdoor look, this warm combination can be the best option for you.
  • Chic look – Light Grey with White–Searching for light colors that wouldhelp you get a chic and sophisticated look? Then this combination is the answer to your search.
  • Aesthetic lookingDark Grey and Black – No one can go wrong with colors like black or dark grey. They pair brilliantly with any and everycolor.


Hope this article has helped you clear your mind regarding which type of countertop material you want. Also, there are some color options that you can consider while making your choice and make your outdoor countertops look aesthetically beautiful.

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