Why Steel Control Barricades Offer the Best Protection?

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Steel is a strong metal, and that’s why law enforcement agencies widely use steel control barricades for public safety applications.

Barricades are used in various public spaces to provide a protective barrier for pedestrians and vehicles. They have been used in traffic management applications since the earliest days of motoring, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that they became an integral part of modern crowd control.

The primary purpose is to prevent unauthorized access, whether from vehicles or pedestrians. They are an essential component of crowd control equipment, protecting police officers and the public from harm.

The first barricades were made of wood; however, steel has proved to be a more suitable material because it is much stronger than wood.

Here are the benefits of using steel control blockades:   


Steel’s strength makes it perfect for crowd control equipment, as it can withstand a lot of abuse and punishment. Durability comes with a higher price, so the more durable the barricade, the costlier it gets.

When the steel is long-lasting, it is more cost-effective. Steel control barriers are also easy to clean, another big plus for crowd control equipment.


A barricade offers protection against the unpredictable behavior of crowds and vehicles, minimizing casualties in case of an accident or disaster.  

Unlike aluminum, steel doesn’t become brittle over time, and it doesn’t become as dangerous as aluminum when dented or damaged.

Steel takes longer to heat up than its other counterparts. The same cannot be said about aluminum, which means that steel control barriers can withstand exposure to higher temperatures than other materials for a more extended period without becoming dangerously hot and causing injury.


Steel is very flexible compared to other materials, which allows it to be easily shaped into different forms. Unlike wood or aluminum, it doesn’t crack or split over time through regular use. It makes steel control barriers easier to move and manipulate when needed.

Customizable Design

It’s possible to customize the design of control barriers to suit specific applications and requirements. Steel is easy to form and be molded into various shapes and sizes. Steel barriers with different designs and specifications can be interlocked together, making them a cost-effective crowd control solution compared to aluminum or wood. 

Unexpected Benefits

According to reports, the global steel market was valued at $807 billion in 2016. In addition to the standard benefits of steel, a few other unexpected benefits make them even more suitable material for crowd control barriers. Steel is much easier to recycle when compared with aluminum and wood, making it a greener choice.

It’s also possible to print designs on metal barriers, which means that it’s possible to customize the look of the barrier based on client requirements.

The steel control barriers are built to withstand extreme conditions, and they offer better protection than wood or aluminum control barriers. It is why they are widely used in traffic management throughout the world.  


The most common problem with crowd control barriers is that they become difficult to maintain due to weathering or corrosion.

Both aluminum and wood are susceptible to damage from exposure to sunlight and rain, decreasing their structural stability. It means that the barriers have a shorter lifespan than steel control barriers.  

After years of use, aluminum barriers may need to be replaced due to corrosion, particularly in coastal areas where the atmosphere is laden with very corrosive salt particles. Wood can rot when exposed to rain and snow for extended periods, decreasing its lifespan.

Steel control barriers are easier to maintain since they can withstand exposure to higher temperatures for extended periods. The steel isn’t susceptible to damage from normal weathering, and it doesn’t rust in the air.

Aluminum control barriers are lighter than steel control barriers, making them easier to carry around.  

Wooden barricades provide excellent protection against rioters, but they aren’t very durable. They are also susceptible to weathering and water damage due to exposure.

Customizable Color

The color of the crowd control barriers is an essential consideration for any venue where there’s a possibility of clashing with protesters.

It’s also possible to choose specific colors that will distinguish the barriers, which makes it easier for them to be identified by viewers.

Wooden and aluminum barriers are usually black or gray, meaning they can blend in with the surroundings. Steel is the best choice if a venue where there’s a possibility of riots needs crowd control barriers to be easily identifiable. 

Final Thoughts

Steel control barriers are the best choice for securing areas that are likely to experience riots or other forms of civil unrest.

These barriers are customizable, offer excellent protection, and are sustainable due to their ability to be recycled.

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