Why Leather Bound Photograph Album is Better Than Others?

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These beautiful wedding album allow you to relive every favorite moment from your wedding day.

After your wedding photographer provided a complete photo gallery, you’ve wondered what to do with these entire beautiful engagement photo books other than sharing some of your favorites on Facebook and Instagram.

Between investing in your wedding photos and the detailed editing process your photographer has spent creating your beautiful memories, they certainly deserve to be preserved in print. Display your favorite wedding photos with specific products such as wedding photo albums.

When it comes to professional wedding albums, photographers and their clients favor genuine leather albums. leather bound photograph albums are the favorite for many reasons. They are durable, classic and come in a variety of colors and trim options. It’s hard to understand why other album styles are suitable for the most important celebrations of life. Your professional wedding album can’t be understated if you offer a great experience and beautiful images. You never see a bride in designer shoes, and a custom dress puts all her personal belongings in a plastic bag instead of a couture purse. People don’t spend hundreds of dollars on wedding cakes and serve them on paper plates. Don’t cut corners when creating a family heirloom.

Why leather

Genuine leather photo books are standard for a good reason. Leather is a durable and flexible material that has been used as a book cover for centuries. According to, “The most important reason for patience in leather binding is probably due to its practicality. Properly prepared animal skins are very resistant, changes in temperature and humidity and resists a series of insults that time and use can contribute and remain flexible and intact after other materials succumb to aging and wear. Leather is the perfect cover option for professional photo albums. Providing something that may not withstand the challenges of time seems inappropriate.

The leather wedding albums are perfect for those couples who want a timeless classic. Choose from traditional black leather, popular navy blue leather, various rustic chocolate leather, and even cute pastel. Leather albums can also be personalized with personalized embossed names.

Compare genuine leather albums with these options.

Photo wrap cover

Photo wraparound covers are popular because they allow two sides of space for printing images. The wraparound cover is a print with a protective layer that wraps the front and back of the photo album. This type of cover material is great for senior portrait albums and parenting albums, but it doesn’t work for high-quality wedding albums.

 Cloth cover

Fabric wedding album covers, especially linen, have become more popular in recent years. Despite its beautiful texture and vintage feel, lineage is one of the most delicate fabrics. If not handled carefully, it can easily become dirty or caught. You’ll want to choose something trendy, but keep in mind that trends change. Look for timeless resistance in your wedding album.

Faux Leather

Synthetic leather, synthetic leather, or vegan leather can be attractive at low prices. Artificial leather is a combination of cloth, polyurethane, and plastic. It is not as porous or flexible as genuine leather and does not resist temperature changes and moisture buildup. Over time, synthetic leather albums can break, crack, or peel off. For those looking for a vegan option,

Standard leather wedding albums don’t have to be boring.

The wedding album with a black leather cover and print has a classic look, but some clients want a more exciting presentation. No problem! Add a cameo to the leather cover to create a custom album, or add a second leather “touch” for a bold look. Providing an acrylic cover and a leather spine is a great wedding album for your clients who want an extra touch of sparkle!

Price and value

Is the leather album a little more investment? Of course, that also means additional income for you. If cost is a factor, they offer a small 8×8 album. Another option is to limit the number of images in your starter album to 45. Customers can update at any time on the backend.

It’s important to have something to show to your clients when you meet. Descriptive words and imagination can only be done so far. A great wedding album sample is a 10×10 with a leather cover and cameo. By feeling the texture and smell of leather, it creates a sense of luxury and value.

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