A Guide for Newbies: How to Play LOL Wild Rift Champions

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One of the most highly anticipated mobile games released in 2020 is the League of Legends: Wild Rift. In its abbreviated form, popularly known as Wild Rift or LoL: WR, this mobile game has taken the MOBA scene by storm after being released by Riot Games. Designed to be the mobile spinoff of the largest E-Sports in the world, it is available for all Android and iOS players to date.

And while it is a sequel to League of Legends, it is still trendy, and many beginners enjoy playing it. From completing missions and acquiring an Akali or Jinx build to destroying the enemy base, plenty more details make the mobile game as exciting as the PC version. For beginners, they may find the game to be complex and overwhelming. But here’s a quick guide on champions you can play and more.

Wild Rift – What is this mobile game?

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games. The company saw the potential of the MOBA genre gaining popularity in the mobile market. Hence, the birth of Wild Rift was on October 27, 2020. Now, LoL veterans can play with their non-PC friends through the mobile version.

In the game, players control a champion with unique abilities and will be battling a team of players or computer-controlled characters. The game’s objective is to destroy the “Nexus” or the opposing team’s base. Players will have to duke it out in at least one lane to destroy enemy turrets and unlock powerful buffs by fighting off monsters in the jungle. Win the game by destroying your enemy’s base before they can destroy yours. Either that or leave your opponent with no choice but to surrender early.

Champions – What are they?

Directly based on their original Language of Legends counterparts, there are notable differences that players will see in their Wild Rift champions. The game updated the champions’ visuals for better appearance in Lore, while their abilities were changed for better mobile and console performance. As of this writing, there are79 available champions in LoL: Wild Rift instead of the 150+ champions and counting in LoL’s PC version.

While not all LoL champions made it to the Wild Rift version, players on both sides of the team can still choose one they get to play. From Garen and Master Yi to Ahri and Jinx, different champions are available for beginners upon completion of the tutorial. But before you pick, here’s some valuable info on the tier list for beginners to note.

Tier List in Wild Rift

Currently, there are 4 tier lists available – S, A, B, and C.

S Tier

These champions, considered to be the best of the best, are powerful and effective at what they do. They can carry players and win games. Some of the top choices are Lucian, who can inflict significant damage to the enemies, and Nami, who can heal and keep the team alive.

A Tier

On the other hand, this list ranks a little lower than the S Tier. Nevertheless, these are still solid champions and can perform very well in the game. Akali may be a weak champion until she reaches level 5, where you can take advantage of her aggressive playstyle. Seraphine is another excellent champion on your team as she does well at shielding and healing the team.

B Tier

The champions under this tier are still viable. However, their impact can be lower compared to higher-tier champions. You can opt to hone the skills of your other higher-level champions.

C Tier

With little to zero benefits, players are highly advised to stay away from choosing these champions as you’ll only be limited and struggle with their playstyle.

D Tier

The last tier from the list is the worst of the worst. Fortunately, there’s no champion belonging to the list.

Champions That Beginners Can Play


Belonging to the S Tier list, this champion is recommended in duo lanes. As a marksman champion, she is one of the many choices for beginner to play. Although she may struggle in lanes, she is a notable strong character once she gets more items and towards the later game stages. She is known for getting Excited! ability where her Movement and Attack speed is increased.


Another S Tier champion, Ahri, is the popular choice for mid-lane players. Although able to deal single target damage using her Charm, it eventually damages the enemies a lot when coupled with her other combat abilities.


Newbie players will eventually find out that Garen is one of the best and safe choices to play in Wild Rift. With straightforward abilities, he can kill even the most dangerous champions of the opposing team. His Courage (2) ability helps him gain Tenacity, which is helpful in crowd control resistance and reduces the damage he takes for the first few seconds.


An excellent choice for beginners, Blitzcrank is one of the many champions known for significant support roles. Among his many abilities is the Mana Barrier (Passive), wherein the champion can shield himself from enemy-inflicted damage.

Dr. Mundo

Tanky, with his Hulk-like appearance, some notable abilities of this champion include Goes Where He Pleases (Passive), Blunt Force Trauma (3), and Maximum Dosage (Ultimate), among others. Dr. Mundo can take a lot of damage and inflict magic damage that slows down enemies for a few seconds.

Key Takeaway

League of Legends: Wild Rift may be the mobile version of League of Legends, but it has gained massive popularity and following. While beginners may find the game complex at first, the exciting gameplay and mobile version managed to win them over. There are other champions that beginners can play, but these are some notable ones right here. Hopefully, the details you find in this article are helpful as you start your Wild Rift journey. You can also check out for more tips and guides on playing your favorite games!

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