7 Emojis You Might Be still Using Wrong This 2023

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English is regarded as the universal language as it’s the language used chiefly in international communication and business worldwide.

It’s the world’s second-largest native language brought on by the influence of global media. From computers and music to cinema and more, many people know and use many English words despite it not being their native language.

Today, it remains to be the dominant language in numerous English-speaking countries. However, another “global language” is referred to as the “truly global form of communication” – emojis. From the grinning and winking face to the kissing and skull face emoji, there are over 3,600 emojis released and used by people today.

And from those little yellow faces with expressions, it evolved into emojis with different skin colors, fruits, animals, and more.

With these many emojis, it’s not that hard to find the right one to convey your feelings.

Do People Get Confused With Some Emojis?

The answer to this is a big whopping YES! While emojis are today’s typical way of expressing feelings when words can’t, people do often get confused with these emojis.

And it’s not just because of the expressions on these yellow faces, but misunderstanding arises due to the difference in interpretation between senders and receivers. The sender may have picked the emoji because it perfectly sums up their feeling, but the same emoji doesn’t send the exact sentiments to the receiver.

And while some may say that it’s mostly older people who misunderstand emoji meanings, it’s also possible for confusion to arise due to slight changes in the emoji’s appearance on various platforms. A famous example is the “face with hand over mouth” emoji, which appeared to be a neutral and pensive-looking face on iPhones but looks like a giggling face on other platforms.

Emojis That You Could Be Using Wrong

As an integral part of our digital communications today, it’s vital that we know the accurate meaning of each emoji we use and send to family, friends, and even work colleagues and business acquaintances. Emojis are also now used for marketing and branding purposes, thus, making it crucial to use emojis correctly.

Below are some of the emojis that we could be using wrong for personal and business communications.

1. Person Bowing Deeply Emoji

It is one of the most used emojis because of what appears to be its many uses. People use it to convey that they are deep in thought, and people even use it to express the need for rest since it looks like the emoji is resting its head on its hands.

Others use it to depict lying down for a massage, while sports-minded people may use it to inform the recipient that they’re doing push-ups.

However, none of these is correct because it’s a bowing emoji that shows its proper use when asking for a considerable favor or expressing a sincere apology. It can be related to the Japanese culture of bowing deeply, known as the doge.

2. Raised Hand Emoji

This emoji also has many uses. A single raised hand usually means a high-five and is sent when you want to high-five someone. However, note that this emoji has other meanings that anyone can misinterpret due to different contexts.

It can mean raising your hand to ask a question in the classroom or a similar setting or could also mean that you’re supporting or agreeing with the person’s opinion. It could simply mean stop, too. And so, if you want to avoid confusion, make it clear what you mean with this emoji or revert to what it originally meant, a high-five.

3. Raising Hands Emoji

Often confused with “praising Jesus,” raising hands means celebration. With the two hands raised in the air, it looks like two “raised hands” emojis that could mean giving a high ten with the left and right rather than a single high five. However, the correct use for this emoji is to express celebration or to celebrate success.

4. Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

Named the 2015 Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries, the face with tears of joy emoji is the most used emoji worldwide for that year. The real meaning of this emoji is to express amusement over something embarrassing or funny, making you laugh so hard that tears stream down your face.

However, there are instances when people send at inappropriate times, such as when you received sad news wherein you sent this instead of a crying emoji.

5. Folded Hands Emoji

If you’re using this emoji to imply two friends high-fiving one another, you are misusing it. Although it looks like it is because of the two hands pressed firmly together, it means either of these things: when you want to show you’re praying or if you want to say thank you or please.

6. Face With Steam From Nose Emoji

It’s another confusing emoji, and many people know it as the face with a look of triumph. The name was changed, though, which was a good thing because the steam coming out of the nose is better fitting to signify anger, irritation, and other negative feelings.

7. Hot Springs Emoji

One of the seldom-used emojis, the hot springs emoji, means as it is – it’s an emoji for hot springs and which many uses in Japan. However, some people mistakenly use it to mean a hot soup or drink.

Although it looks close due to the steam we usually associate with hot beverages, it rightly means a natural spring or what the Japanese call onsen.


It’s easy to see why some of these emojis are used wrong and sent at inappropriate times. And it’s not only older people who find them confusing but some younger people too who have little knowledge of what these emojis correctly mean.

To avoid misunderstanding and confusion, ensure that you’re using the best emoji before hitting that send button. Thanks for reading until the end, and check out to know about other emojis and how to use them!

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