Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Car Brands in 2023

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Japanese cars and the brands producing and marketing them have risen to the top of the global automotive rankings solely due to their extensively high preference for quality. They never compromise on the quality of their vehicles.

However, another reason for their high growth is that Japan is home to automobile manufacturers. The country as a whole has been ranked as the world’s 3rd largest automaker.

Why Japanese car brands are so popular?

Japanese vehicles are very attractive and have a huge domestic market of Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, and Nissan. These are the biggest names in the automotive industry and they not only provide vehicles from Japan but they are also considered international automakers and offer manufacturing plants in different countries. Japan also used cars at very cheap prices.

In the past Japanese vehicles were considered very cheap and no one prefers to buy Japanese cars. Over time, they have made huge changes in quality and built trust between consumers.

Japan vehicles’ reliability and quality make them unique and popular. They had been working hard to make a name in the automotive world and today thousands of Japanese vehicles are sold globally.

Top 10 most popular Japanese car brands across the globe

In the present-day world you might have heard about a lot of automobile brands but do you know where their origin is? Everyone across the globe knows the name of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Lexus, etc, but do you know that they are all Japanese car brands?

Here in this article, we will tell you about 10 such Japanese car brands that rule the world market with their innovative and iconic cars. We have classified the companies into two categories based on their type of production in the international market.

  1. Mass Market brands
  2. Luxury car brands

Before we get into the topic, it is important to note that all the brands stated below not only produce Luxury or mass-marketing cars but also produce both and some of them are luxury branches of the big brands. In this article, we have listed them based on the most searched type of Japanese cars.

Brand type – Mass Market

These are the types of car brands that produce Japanese cars that are intended to be sold in the market for the mass i.e. as many people as possible. Brands like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Nissan are very well-known Japanese car brands that are highly demanded and popular among people all over the world.

These brands rule the market of mass-producing cars with their new, innovative, and futuristic models of cars.


The most popular Japanese car brand in the mass market today is undoubtedly Toyota. Based on 2019 unit sales, Toyota is the 2nd largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. Their vehicles are highly economic and energy-saving. They can go a long way in sustaining daily use.

Throughout Asia, Toyota Prius is the most commonly known-to vehicle for various enterprises. Toyota is also one of the leading manufacturers of battery-powered and gasoline-powered automobiles. They produce and sell more than a million electric vehicles all over.


“Futuristic and chic” are two words that wholly describe Honda vehicles the best. Honda has a major contribution to the production of vehicles in the world market.

Established in 1946, this Japanese automotive manufacturing brand has its headquarters in Tokyo. Honda solely produces a wide range of products like commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, electric generators, jet engines, etc.


Suzuki is a widely known popular brand. It has over the years produced many top-selling vehicles, among them the currently leading are Swift and Celerio. Authentic SUVs like Vitara Brezza and Ertiga are highly demanded in the market. Why is Suzuki so famous?

Suzuki is one of the top brands of Japanese cars primarily because – firstly, it generates a high rate of sales per year. Secondly, it produces vehicles that are characterized by affordable cost or pocket-friendliness, familiarity, and medium-sized.

Thirdly, over the years it has maintained to keep up its hard-earned fame. Its logo has a combination of red and blue colors which signifies balance and professionalism combined with its philosophy of always moving towards progress in the future.


Another Japanese brand highly popular in the world is Nissan. Nissan has brought to the world market numerous variety of cars that are considered iconic. Subcompacts like Sentra and Altima are some of Nissan’s Best selling models worldwide along with others. Nissan has over 60 different models.

Datsun and INFINITI cars are mainly sold under three Nissan Brands namely Altima, Quest, and Sentra. The key to a successful brand name is always determined by how much comfort, style, and luxury their cars offer.

And Nissan manages to have all of it in their cars. Nissan believes and highly focuses on innovation and user experience.


In the world market, Toyota is the most famous brand, but do you know Mazda ranks the highest when it comes to which Japanese brand comes up with the best of all? They have created numerous comfortable vehicles over the years and are continuing to do so. Mazda, founded in 1920 is one of the oldest Japanese car brands.

It has earned its popularity as a trustable automobile company as it combines pocket-friendliness with modern style and luxury while maintaining its simplicity.

The reinvented 2021 Mazda6, the 2014 classic model is the exact option that undoubtedly fulfills your Luxury Sedan Dreams. Mazda is not only a popular mass Market brand it is also highly demand for its extensively beautiful luxury cars.


Isuzu produces, markets, and sells vehicles that can be used for everyday usage however its main industry deals with commercial vehicles with its specialty in diesel engines. Its trucks and MPVs are very popular in the market. The company’s most popular vehicle is the DMAX pick-up truck.

Brand type – Luxury cars

Luxury cars are the ones that have high-level equipment, amenities, comfort, performance, quality, and status when compared to regular cars of higher prices. The top 5 best luxury Japanese cars brand are:


Over the years you must have heard Toyota launching multiple luxury automobile brands. But you might or might not know that Lexus is the best brand by far among all of them. Lexus is thus a part of Toyota’s Japanese car brands. It is said that only specialists get the opportunity to manufacture Lexus models. Among the most common and popular cars of this brand are Convertible, coupe, LX570, and SUV.

It is said to be one of the top 10 most popular Japanese brands in the world market. Lexus is said to be marketed in the world in over 90 countries and territories thus becoming Japan’s one of the largest and best-selling brands that produce luxury cars. According to the survey, the most reliable among the Japanese car brands was Lexus.


Mitsubishi is among the best Japanese cars producing companies in Japan. They have been ranked sixth among the best Japanese car manufacturers. Mitsubishi models come with a wide range of features like high-quality interior and exterior designs with high-end audio systems that produce rich quality sounds, and that’s what makes them highly popular.

Their most popular model is Proudia. Its name was derived from the ancient name of Japan. Not only so, but it was also designed keeping in mind Japanese aesthetics. Another luxury car offered by Mitsubishi is the Eclipse cross. It is demanded due to its exclusive sleek design and modern exterior.


Infiniti is a luxury branch of Nissan. Infiniti-branded vehicles always have been the most remarkable and famous luxury Japanese cars. Infiniti as a brand is famous for creating unique and investment-worthy cars. They are also largely known for their performance-oriented automobiles.

The best and most highly rated or demanded model of Infiniti is the Infiniti Q60. Q60 as of 2021 has been voted as the most compelling car for people who value elegance, luxury, speed, and sportiness at its peak.


Acura is said to be the luxury division of the Japanese car brand Honda. The brand was launched in 1986, and it never fails to amaze its customers with its new and exceptional line of cars and SUVs. Their ultimate priority is the comfort and performance of their automobiles.

In 2021, Acura released The Acura TLX and the company is also planning to release another new model in the coming 2023. Acura can be considered a prime example of an exclusive combination of looks with quality performance.


Hope this article was helpful and now you can easily choose the type of car and also the model you want and the brands you would look forward to while choosing your desired types of Japanese car.

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