A Beginners Guide on How to Convert Your PDF to Word

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Let’s admit it, not all of us have the know-how on what to do with our PDF files and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about because no matter what point of your life you may be right now, everyone is a beginner at something.

Learning is a never-ending road for all of us. So if you’re guilty of not knowing one or a handful of basic stuff then you’re part of a journey of people who are constantly improving. 

For some of us learning on our own could be frustrating especially when we don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re starting something but you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly. You could be already putting your brains and brawns together but nothing seems to work out.

It’s easy to lose your patience and think you’ll never get things right. But multiple failures are part of the process so give yourself, and that ice cream in front of you a break.

How to Convert PDF to Word

The same thing does often happen especially when dealing with your files like converting PDF to Word. Not all of us were born with the same drive to figure software and hardware tech out. So, if you’re about to turn up the volume of your speakers to cry out your frustration, you can. But below is a simple, no-nonsense guide to convert your PDF to Word, through the help of a reliable PDF website called PDFBear.

  1. Go to, from there you could easily see on their home page the PDF converter is on top of their page. Click it and it will turn you to their PDF converter page. 
  2. You can then select a file from your Device( or Dropbox if you use one). The website also supports the drag-and-drop function, so you can also simply drag and drop your files. 
  3. After you do that it will automatically detect your file and show options to which format you like to convert it to. Simply click the Word icon and it will start the conversion process and have it done in less than a minute. (depending on your file size)
  4. Then you can either download it or share the link of the file for others to download. Once you have downloaded your converted file you can now start editing. 

The whole process is simple and also listed down on the website and doesn’t require you to be Stevie Wonder of technology. There will be a few bumps along the way when converting PDF to different file formats like Word, so for you to have a better understanding here are a few things you should know when converting PDF to Word. 

There are various document formats available that may help you in creating high-quality content within no time. PDF is measured as one of the best document formats that enable you to handle and share your files safely from one device to another over the web.

However, the PDF file format has some limitations when it comes to making changes in the content, as you need a special premium application for that purpose.

Therefore, it is best to turn your PDF into Word file format, as you can make as many changes in Word file as you desire without any limitations. You can turn your PDF file by using an online PDF to Word converter.

Not Every Conversion is Flawless

Some of us might ask why some of the files we converted from  PDF to Word seem to look more in place than the other ones. This happens when you have a PDF file that contains a lot of images.

For example in your worksheet, you have a text box or a shape where you’re supposed to type on to write your answers but when you convert it to Word, you might still not be able to write on that box mainly because it is an image. Images might also distort the arrangement of your file, and it might not look the same but overall it will look fine.

But when you have a file that has mostly words and text in it, it would mostly look identical. 

So you probably have to organize or have to add text boxes to your file. These are imperfections that we have to deal with ourselves. Since PDF was made to be a format that cannot be easily modified as part of its security feature.

With that, any PDF to Word conversion, or any PDF to other formats for that matter, is not an easy task. That’s why PDFBear uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology to make the conversion as unflawed as possible.

But whether a file becomes a perfect replica or not,  once your file is converted it becomes editable. Which means you can add and take away. It becomes a soft sponge instead of a hard rock that you can barely chip a part of. 

Scanned Documents Need OCR

Some PDFs contain scanned images and some PDFs are scanned documents. This type of PDF can be converted to Word, but it cannot be edited without the help of OCR. OCR is a technology that processes a scanned file and tries to recognize and identify the text( Abc’s) and from there creates an editable file. Where do you find a converter with OCR? 

The Ultimate PDF Life Hack

You guessed right. With PDFBear! Instead of retyping the whole document, PDFBear’s PDF-to-Word conversion tool can scan the document and make the process easy for you. I mean I love this website, it makes life easy.  Members get access to all tools that are real-life savers.

Like the PDF to Word conversion, with a pro membership, you can upload scanned documents and images that you need to edit and convert into an editable format. Instead of spending hours on how to figure things out like retyping the document their website makes every task simple. They offer pro membership for a monthly fee of $ 14. 99 or members can also opt for an annual fee of $9.99.

For a lower cost, compared to other websites, you have access to unlimited use of their tools, can do multiple conversions at once, and accommodate large file sizes.

Their server also uses Cloud technology which allows you to save your files and have a backup copy saved in your account and also allows you to use the website via computer or phone, making it accessible in any location, given there is the internet. 

Just to Sum Things Up

If you’re struggling with adding valuable information from another PDF to the site as a reference to your dissertation, or you have a PDF file that you urgently need to fill out, or want to edit something from a scanned copy of a file, the simple solution is PDFBear.

Why look for unreliable or even sketchy solutions, when you can take advantage of PDFBear? Visit and start converting your documents now!


If you have a PDF and you want to convert it to a Word document, there are a lot of different ways that you can do it. One way is to use a free online PDF to Word-converters. Another way is to use a paid PDF-to-Word converter, such as Adobe Acrobat.

Finally, you can use a word processing program to convert your PDF to Word.

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