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How To Paint Pallets ? 10 Pallet Ideas For Walls And Garden

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Most of us want to design our interiors in such a way that best represents us. We decorate our rooms with paintings, flower vases, showpieces, mementos, books, and many such things, which have an air of artistic sophistication about them. Many of these pieces are pretty expensive and even after arranging them in our rooms, they need regular care in the form of dusting. Another big disadvantage of these pieces is that they come only in predefined designs and themes, which cannot be changed. Further on, if they are somehow spoiled or broken, there is no way to bring them to their previous condition.

Thus, there is the option of DIY pallets for you. You can design and color them yourselves, and they are much cheaper and more affordable than an expensive painting or mantelpiece. You can shape or make them look any want you want and also change a pre-existing design if you want to. The greatest advantage is that you can paint pallets or apply paint on pallets in any unique way you want to.

Painting and designing your very own pallet

You can buy pallets from outside but the best would be to use or design pallets you already have at home. You cannot use watercolors on pallets as they won’t hold. The best colors to use on wooden pallets are acrylic colors. You can shape the pallets any way you want and then paint anything onto them. You can create abstract designs which are smart and sophisticated and subtly beautiful, or you can go for a natural design for pallets to be placed in your garden or backyard; or entire sceneries or paintings of men, women, and children to amaze your guests and yourself; you can also go for ethnic designs or paintings inspired by traditions, cultures or history to liven up your living room.

Shapes and textures

The pallets can also be arranged or placed in different ways to represent different shapes or symbols and you can also give them different textures, or add various other features to make them more and more interesting. Painting wooden pallets is also a task that is fun and easy and does not take up much time.

To keep in mind …

Painting a pallet might be a lot easier than painting an actual picture or creating a showpiece or mantelpiece or sculpting a bust, but they still need proper care. You need to keep an eye out for termites and any similar insects which might nest in the wood or feed on it, thus making it hollow and harming it. Damp walls and moist weathers also affect wooden pallets adversely. In areas that have the problem of water stagnation during the monsoon, the wooden pallets must be placed at a safe distance from the water, to protect it from damp.

10 Best Pallet Painting Ideas for Walls and Garden

There is a huge number of ways in which you can paint pallets to liven up your living room or make your garden more fun. Thus, let us take a look at some of the best pallet painting ideas for your garden, walls, and any other corner of the house that you want to liven up.

The Classic Star

Arrange your pallet into a star that will liven up your living room, or your kitchen and dining space at all times. You can keep it in its original color and also color it yellow or any other color you like. A subtle and stylish piece of art, this will help you increase the sophistication of your room and atmosphere, manifold.

The beautiful garden fence

It will serve as not only a fence in your garden or backyard, it will also help you make your garden look more cheerful and fun. You can paint plants onto the pallet with natural hues or just make it look like a pretend- fence, anything you want. You can also give it a 3D effect to make it feel like an actual part of your garden.

Abstract Painting

As mentioned before, you can use a large variety of colors and just go on and unleash your artistic potential onto your pallet. Just with a bit of sense about which color looks good with which, very soon, you’ll have your very own haphazard masterpiece. Well, that’s how abstract masterpieces are created. If placed on a wall with a plane or solid design or color, the contrast that will be created will be amazing.

Spray and Graffiti

You can also create various designs with spray colors and also create fun graffiti on your wooden pallet. The contrast created by the plane wooden pallet and the glamorous spray paint graffiti will definitely make your wall more interesting. You can also write fun words on your wooden pallet with spray paint.

The landscape

A concept that leaves everything to the imagination, you can create almost any landscape you want, on a wooden pallet. You must remember to maintain the balance between the pallet and its surroundings. You can also draw cars, people, silhouettes, or vague paintings of rainy landscapes or cities.

Designing them with quotes

You can also write various quotes or paint them onto the pallets. You can also make them 3D words, though it might take quite some time. You can use various ways to elevate the letters of the words. You can also carve them onto the pallet. You can also use the pallets themselves to create letters and thus, words.

A touch of nature

You can also use leaves or flowers or twigs or branches to decorate your pallet, and thus, in the process, give it a touch of nature. However, you must replace the leaves or flowers at regular intervals as they will wither after some time.

Using various accessories

You can also use various accessories or pieces of so-called scrap like ropes, strings, old stickers, pieces of clothes or denim, buttons, or anything that looks good but isn’t usable anymore. You can also use pieces of paper, or paper cuttings and pictures.

The Window

For this, you will need a really large wooden pallet, and it will take quite some time to make. The design or painting might be simple enough but the sheer size of the pallet will make it a painstaking job. You have to design the pallet in such a way that it looks like a window opening out to nature, or the night sky, or the sea. Once it is finished, it will look amazing on your wall and amaze anyone who looks at it.

The traditional designs

Last but not least, you can design your pallets with traditional floral designs or designs which represent different parts of one’s culture. You can arrange these pallets in different ways to bring out their beauty. Intricate designs create a certain sophisticated vibe that gives an artistically intellectual air to your room.


Thus, now you know a large number of ways to design your living room or liven up your little garden by decorating them with painted wood pallets. Well? What are you waiting for? Get a pallet and start designing it already! Let the Picasso inside you run free!

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