Fallout Shelter Tips for Vault Dwellers

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Fallout Shelter has proven to be a popular and entertaining game, with a surprising amount of strategy and intricacy for such a simple game. The goal of the game is simple: as the overseer, you regulate the vault’s operations, such as power, food, water, and even the amount of people who live within. To complete the simulation, you must increase the size of the vault by increasing the size of the rooms. It also entails placing residents that are functionally compatible with each chamber.

The most significant aspect of the game is the Dwellers. They’re in charge of looking after the vault, operating each chamber, defending the rooms from raiders that could try to break into the vault, and looting the wasteland. As an overseer, your job is to make sure these inmates are happy and well-cared for within the vault by assigning them to quarters where they can operate properly and improve their talents.

Fallout Shelter Tips for beginner players

New to Fallout Shelter game? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are a few super effective Fallout shelter tips that beginners must know:

1) Strategize Your Vault And Updates

The game might be intimidating at times, especially for beginners. For one thing, choosing which chamber or vault to construct initially is perplexing. It’s not difficult to decide which one to build first; it just boils down to determining what vital items you’d need to survive in an underground bunker or residence.

After you make the decision, the next best thing is to combine one-room parts into a larger area. It’s important to remember that you can combine up to three rooms, all of which must be of the same type. It may be done over time, especially if you don’t want to give your bottle caps a run for their money (in-game currency).

2) Build First, Populate Later

Here’s a Fallout Shelter pro tip: civilization has failed by procreating without establishing the foundation for such growth. As a result, even if it is only a game, it is critical to learn not to make the same error when playing this game.

Before intending to grow the population, veteran players would urge novice players to make sure their vaults are renovated. You may populate your home by causing the ladies in your vault to become pregnant. If half of your population is pregnant and unable to assist secure your vault in the event of an attack, you lose the game.

3) Don’t Sell Your Junk For Caps

When you first begin playing Fallout Shelter, the trash you collect may appear useless. Some rookie players may sell rubbish to gain caps. The actual worth of trash becomes obvious only when you can add weapon and clothing workshops to your vault. You may use accumulated trash to make new weapons and clothing for your inhabitants, but only if you have enough in your vault’s storage.

If you sell everything for caps before workshops are accessible, you’ll be sorry you didn’t save some when a weapon workshop gets added. As a result, preserve most of the trash you acquire to make weapons and clothes. After you’ve added the needed workshops to your vault, you’ll most likely be able to construct several new firearms and outfits straight immediately.

Fallout Shelter Tips for experienced players

If you have experience playing Fallout Shelter, it doesn’t mean you know everything, you will always miss out on something. Here are a few Fallout Shelter tips that even experienced players don’t know:

1) Use Mr. Handy The Right Way

Mr. Handy can be placed anywhere in the Vault. He can collect materials, put out fires, and fend off enemies, among other things. When it comes to assailants, Mr. Handy may get damaged in the same way that inhabitants can. Mr. Handy, on the other hand, cannot be cured; he can only get restored by spending 2,000 caps once he has died. Mr. Handy may also be utilized to harvest caps on the wasteland outside of the Vault.

2) Upgrade And Combine Rooms For Your Advantage

You may connect up to three copies of the same room together to give your residents a larger, more functional workspace. Select the room and hit the upgrade arrow in the top right corner to make it even more efficient: You may add both production and storage for a CAPS charge.

This implies that with each labor cycle, you generate more of that room’s output and can store more of it as well (the energy, food, and water bars all have a hashmark that shows how much production you need to keep the vault running; anything over that line is storage). Increase your storage capacity, and you’ll be less likely to run out of food, water, or electricity!).

3) Raise Dwellers’ Endurance By Building A Fitness Room

One of the most significant inhabitant characteristics is endurance. Dwellers’ hit points (health totals) rise as they level up, depending on how strong their endurance is. For example, a level 10 dweller with a five-star endurance rating will have more hit points than a level 10 dweller with a two-star endurance rating. As a result, your residents’ endurance affects the points they have.

Because your vault will get attacked frequently, it’s critical to increase your residents’ hit point totals by increasing their endurance. To explore and complete tasks, you’ll need residents with a high HP point total. So, as soon as possible, add some workout rooms to your vault. Then, to improve their endurance, send low-level inhabitants to the workout rooms.


Playing Fallout Shelter can be overwhelming because of multiple things to take care of. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the game, there will always be something you’ll miss out on. The Fallout shelter tips mentioned above in the article can be of great use to you. You can make great progress very quickly if you apply these tips effectively.

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