How to Get Rid of Your FUPA? The Complete Guide to Losing FUPA

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The female body is a complex and dynamic system. It is sensitive and vulnerable to the surroundings but also capable of extraordinary, impossible things. The ordeal and simultaneous joy of giving birth add an extra layer of confusion to the mysterious workings of a woman’s body.

But with the right gynecological awareness and holistic attitude towards physical and mental health, such confusion need not persist. Hence it is vital for every woman to know about the inner workings of a body and how they affect her everyday life and overall being in the long term.

FUPA is one such issue that the female body deals with, but has to often remain quite misinformed about. So, what is FUPA, and how do lose FUPA? All of this will be covered in this article.

What is FUPA (Fatty Upper Pubic Area) and how does it develop?

FUPA refers to the accumulation of excess fat just above the pubic bone. It may surprise you to realize that FUPA is a very common problem, especially for mothers who have recently borne children.

For some people, a fatty pubic region is common to their body type, whereas for other women it is the direct result of certain lifestyle issues that she has been growing through.

Similarly, for some people, FUPA is essentially harmless while for some people it can give rise to several major health problems and diseases.

To better understand how to lose FUPA, we need to understand why it might develop in the first place. Some reasons for the same are:


As mentioned before, childbirth can cause many changes in a woman’s body that she was not expecting. Once a change is an accumulation of fat above the pubic region. The Rectus Abdominis muscle expense and can keep hanging out after partition causing a fatty build-up.

Rapid weight gain

A very high rate of weight gain is never good for any individual. Uncontrolled fat growth can even lead to carcinogenic tendencies in the body. Also, it results in the accumulation of fat in areas where it did not exist before. Such uncontrol accumulation of fat is a grave issue and must be dealt with by professional physicians.

Rapid weight loss

Just like after pregnancy, a very high rate of loss of weight leaves behind loose folds of skin and cellulite residue that appear and function very similarly to that of fatty build-up. Rapid loss of weight is just as harmful as rapid weight gain and is not something to be taken lightly.

Genetic reasons

Some people naturally have a fatty pubic area. The fat starts accumulating there from the beginning of puberty and is a part of the natural body structure. The nature and extent of heart accumulation and any human body are heavily dependent on inheritance, hence inheriting a fatty pubic area from your parents is no exception.

Stress, anxiety, and depression

These three mental illnesses often have been known to be the founders of countless other mental and physical ailments. These diseases are known to change the hormonal structure of our body, inhibiting certain hormone productions and increasing the production of others’ manifold. Such hormonal imbalances are also a major reason for FUPA.

Health risks associated with FUPA

For the majority of women that happen to experience FUPA, observing other health issues in connection to this problem becomes a common follow-up. Some major health risks associated with  FUPA happened to be:

Problems during pregnancy

After the development of  FUPA, we will experience difficulties in their subsequent pregnancies that range anywhere from gastric problems to major growth of normalities in the fetus due to a change in the structural location of the womb, in case of such extreme cases.


Cannot be clearly said whether this is a coincidence or a cause and effect, but several women who complain of dealing with FUPA also report problems regarding their gastrointestinal tract. Some such problems do escalate and lead to the unhappy diagnosis of a hernia.

Muscular stiffness

FUPA is often a condition paired with problems of muscular stiffness. Muscular stiffness around the pelvic region can lead to difficulties in everyday activities as well as in the enjoyment of intercourse. Some such extreme cases also report recurring pain in this region.

Back problems

People who happened to develop a very large fatty area around the lower abdomen also end up suffering from spine problems later on in their lives. And then bending becomes harder and the back has to support more and more fat on the front, such problems are not uncommon, especially among people of older ages.

How to get rid of FUPA?

The decision of getting rid of FUPA can come from both aesthetic as well as health standpoints, both of which are equally valid. Fat accumulation in this region can be extremely tricky to reduce because this region is not prone to quick change. The fatty upper pubic area is a fatty mass of tissues that are in reality extremely stubborn.

So, how to lose FUPA?

  • Maintain a healthy exercise routine according to your abilities, starting with a workout plan built beforehand
  • Eat the correct fat-reducing substances to reduce the overall net percentage of fat in the body.
  • Eat Lean protein that will help prepare muscles and aid the body to withstand rapid change.
  • Eat and drink food that boosts metabolism as this will help the body to get rid of accumulated fat in the form of energy more quickly.
  • Drink gallons and gallons of water as your body needs hydration to repair itself
  • Use yoga and meditation to boost mental health and confidence which intern will help the body function more efficiently
  • If possible follow up the exercise routines with a full-blown cardiovascular workout regime to get the hormones flowing

For the most extreme of cases, surgical procedures are available to reduce or eliminate FUPA. Search procedures include mentoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, panniculectomy, etc.

How to lose FUPA with the right foods?

Losing fatty build-up in the pelvic and pubic region can be made way easier with the consumption of the right kind of foods. Nutrition in general is considered to be 80% of any workout plan and is even more vital in the case of FUPA.

Dietary requirements for losing FUPA are mostly similar to that of losing weight in general, sin city is not possible to spot reduce weight in the pubic region. To use a diet to reduce FUPA, one will have to reduce the overall net percentage of fat in the body.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts in diet to answer the question ‘ how to lose FUPA’

  • Completely avoid processed sugar-based foods and drinks, processed foods with added color and preservatives, and food with long shelf life.
  • Focus on eating a fiber-rich diet to facilitate and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Avoid consuming a lot of spices or dairy products like milk, cheese, etc. The consumption of curd and yogurt however is highly recommended.
  • Metabolism-boosting food products include lemon, green tea, bananas, lentils, oats, and more
  • Eat protein-rich plant and animal products such as eggs, meat, legumes, whey protein derivatives, etc.
  • Apart from typically focusing on the low-fat diet, you can also try out the ketogenic diet or the vegan diet, both of which are known to balance out hormones and provide healthy growth to the body
  • Switch your carbs from simple to complex and consume whole grains sweet potatoes and vegetables daily
  • Fat is super important to the body, so even when you are going on a low-fat diet you still need to consume the right kind of fat. This right kind is mostly found in wholesome natural food products like butter oil nuts and avocado
  • Try to eat stress reduction and anxiety reduction foods such as fruits dark chocolate coffee etc

5 exercises that flatten and tone the FUPA

The most important segment on the list of how to lose FUPA is the part where you recognize your favorite exercises and decide to work on them on a routine basis.

Exercises are subjective to the individual. Every individual is inclined toward a certain style of physical movement, incorporating which can get better results in lesser time without a height and chance of discouragement within the practitioner. Though we have discussed 5 important exercises the user has to look for the ones that work the best for them.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches
Bicycle crunches

Always a pioneer in the reduction of lower abdominal fat and toning of the muscles in that region is the bicycle crunch. The individual has to lay down on the floor and place the hands behind the head. Then, there is both the head and the legs, the elbows twisting towards the opposite leg which is bending to their chest. This half rotation is beneficial to the lower abdominal muscles.



To perform bridges the activational lies down on the back bending the knees at right angles to the floor. They then proceed to raise the hips towards the sky while squeezing the glutes and their core.

Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks
Flutter kicks

This exercise works ideally to embolden the strength of your back, hamstrings, and pubic area fat due to the rapid fluttering movement of the legs which engages the core and tones the FUPA region. The practitioner sits down on the back and then races both their legs to initiate rapid fluttering movement while making sure not to bend the knees.

Seated leg raises

Seated leg raises

The seated leg raises another very engaging and effective exercise. The performer sits down with the legs extended in front of them. They then proceed to raise their legs together upwards to us the sky without bending them at their knees. These exercises should be performed in repeated sets in a calculated and methodical manner.



Holding the plank position for 30 seconds works wonders for almost everybody. It will not only reduce your FUPA and lower abdomen fat but also increase endurance, muscular stability, hormonal balance, and mental focus. The practitioner is to hold the plank position without shaking their legs, arms, or glutes.


How to lose FUPA is a question in the minds of women throughout the world, and their percentage is larger than we think it to be. Timely intervention can cure almost any disease with the least possible effort, and this is also true in the case of FUPA. Hence if you notice having the above symptoms and problems, you should treat FUPA as quickly as possible.

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