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Home Gym Equipment Ideas If You Have Limited Space

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Trying to work out at home but space starting to become your biggest obstacle? Well, quite natural, as most gym equipment are quite big and takes up a lot of space. And they are expensive as well. But, that’s why this article is being written. In this article, we shall explore some of the best gym equipment ideas that you can keep at home, even if you have limited space. These equipment are not only and fit in small spaces, but also quite affordable and some of these are even transportable!

Where to buy them from and what do you need to keep in mind?

Most of this equipment is available online but remember to check whether they are appropriate for you or not. You might end with a dumbell that’s too heavy for you or sliders that put too much strain on your body.

Thus, they should be right for your body and your age, and other attributes. Thus, we will need to take a close look at the best home gym equipment that will fit in a small space and will also be affordable. Also, keep in mind to buying branded items only as unbranded or badly reviewed items may be cheaper but they also mean a compromise on quality.

Smartest home gym equipment for limited space

Let us take a look at some of the smartest choices in home gym equipment if you have a shortage of free space.

Adjustable dumbells

Not only are these affordable and small enough to fit in the smallest of spaces, but they are also pretty affordable and available widely. They are great for strength training and since the weight can be adjusted, they can be used both by beginners and veterans. Enjoy!


If you are a fitness enthusiast, then there is no way that you’ve come across one of these before. These are great for strength training, conditioning, and cardio as well. Pretty heavy, you should start with the lighter ones, as exercising with these is a pretty strenuous job.

Yoga mat

Well, this is the trend now. Everybody has a yoga mat, even if they don’t actually use it. Well, a yoga mat is easily available, affordable, light can be rolled up to fit anywhere, and is great for a wide variety of exercises. What else do you want?

Resistance bands

You can buy q lot of these in a lot of colors, and these really are cheap!  They help to improve your strength training and are pretty light and thus easy to carry. They also fit in the smallest of spaces. They are best for stretching and toning your muscles.


If they have to be described in a single word, the perfect word would be awesome. These really are fantastic. They are really low on prices, easily available, and are great for toning your abs. They are available in various sizes and thus, you get to pick out the one that is perfect for you.

Ankle weights

These are perfect for impact workouts like pilates and or toning. They are small and quite cheap but definitely not a compromise on quality. They are easily available and you can buy them from online retailers if you want to.

Mini foam rollers

Working out with one of these might hurt a lot but they are really good for you. They are great for stretching, pilates, toning, and cardio. They are pretty light. So, easy to carry around. Available on the internet at quite affordable prices.

Inflatable exercise ball

Now, this is fun equipment. It is great for a variety of exercises, light and easily available. They can also be used by kids. They are quite affordable and are really fun. Go l, get one of these now!


So, now, you know the smartest gym equipment ideas for your limited space. Most of these are easily available online and are pretty low on price. You can also buy from a reputed retailer, offline. But before you do any of this, you should talk to a fitness instructor about what might be perfect for you and your body and also consider all your attributes. All the best!

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