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8 Decorating Mistakes Should You Not Do When Decorating a Bedroom

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Spring is in the air. It is the perfect time to spot decorating your home. But, if you are thinking to give your bedroom a chance to makeover there are some bedroom decorating mistakes that you should learn and might want to avoid.

However, your bedroom might be your little chill-out zone. If you get something wrong with your bedroom then it might seem to be more chaotic than looking restful.

In this article, we are going to share some of the key points that you should know before you set to your bedroom revamp.

#1. Mistake: Getting carried away with colors:

Bold colors have a place in your bedroom but you can try not to go on too many dark shades and patterns in your bedroom, as you will never feel relaxed. You can stick to two main colors and an accent color to avoid overwhelming the space.

You can choose soft, muted tones of blush pink, and taupe that will create a peaceful and restful space.

#2. Mistake: forgetting about storage:

Storage is the personal space in your bedroom where you can store your dresses, shoes, and accessories too. You must think about this space as early as you plan for your room. Because a lack of storage will lead to piles of clothes everywhere.

You can look for door hooks, a mix of open storage baskets, and double-hanging rails. Also, you can pick up some stylish wire and hand-woven storage options.

#3. Mistake: Getting the rugs and curtains wrong:

If your curtains lie in a puddle on the floor or your rug looks like a floating postage stamp in the middle of your room; you are getting all the proportions wrong. Your curtain should hover just above the window sill or floor. And for your rugs, you can invest in purchasing the largest size that you can afford as the smaller one can look a little lost in the middle of your room.

To decorate your bedroom, you can place the rug underneath the bed as it will look great in that position. Otherwise, you can also place some small rugs strategically throughout your room. The curtains and rugs are the most expensive accessory for your bedroom. But, you must invest in a generous rug; as there would be nothing better than popping your feet on a super soft surface.

#4.  Mistake: too much furniture:

Many of us have the nature of purchasing more threads than we need. So, more clothes mean more space needed to accommodate them. However, if you put a lot of furniture into your bedroom it may end up closing the space. You may feel tight. So, you need to keep your bedroom furniture as modern as possible.

Besides, you must keep in mind that fitted wardrobes cost more and they also use each square space in your room. So, you need to purchase furniture for your bedroom smartly. Having the right proportions of the items in your bedroom makes it feel intentional from the very beginning.

Decorating Mistakes

#5. Mistake: Going overboard with cushions:

A bed layered with cushions always makes a bedroom looks good. But, you must try not to go overboard. Cushions are an essential component for your bedroom but you need to put them somewhere overnight. So, keep control!

But, too few pillows and cushions also make a bedroom look unfinished. Getting the perfect proportion of pillows and cushions is the key factor to decorate your bedroom. The optimum number is two pillows and three cushions of different sizes and colors that must be matched with your color scheme.

#6. Mistake: relying solely on overhead lighting:

Good lighting is essential for a bedroom. But, just one overhead light won’t enhance the perfect look of your bedroom as it can cast a harsh unflattering light. You can go for a mixture of lighting-you can put an overhead light controlled by a dimmer switch and you can put some bedside lamps to enhance a lovely mood and atmosphere.

You can also go for some scented candles and LED lights that are an easy luxury and can enhance the mood of the room.

#7. Mistake: Neglecting the personal touch:

In your entire home, your bedroom is your ultimate personal space of you. So, you should decorate it in such a manner that it should feel like your personal space. One way to give it your personal touch making a feature of your photos and art.

Putting wall hangings and pictures is a great way to personalize a room and make it feel personal. You can make a collage of your favorite photos on the wall and theme them if you can.

#8. Mistake: allowing the décor to get boring:

If you are using the same bed sheets and cushion covers for several years, it might be time for seasonal updates. The best way to start is with cushions and pillows. A couple of new cushions and pillows change the mood of your room. You can also start with smaller accessories such as decorating candles, indoor plants, etc.

As the evening draw in there will be nothing nicer than putting some scented candles in your bedroom. These will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.


What should you not do while decorating your bedroom?

Ans: While decorating your bedroom you must avoid some of the most common faux pas including your wall color being jarring, the bed being too bigger or smaller, your furniture being too matchy-matchy, and the rug being too small for the room.

What colors must be avoided for your bedroom?

Ans: you can avoid green, pink, orange, yellow, and bright blue, and instead you can go for muted pastel versions of the colors. Because these colors will encourage sleep. The easy rule for choosing the right color for your room is the brighter the color the worst for sleep; the softer the color the better a peaceful bedroom paint idea.

Wrap up:

While it’s true that interior decoration never can be complete. It also feels impossible to get started in our daily schedules. There are so many reasons why decorating our home can’t be on our top priority list.

You may sometimes fear getting it wrong. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in decorating your bedroom or you are struggling with decision-making; you can end up with a space that may look unfinished.

An unfinished space can also be a room that you may not love. So, decorating your bedroom has a great positive impact on your day-to-day life. There is nothing like coming home to a well-designed space at the end of your day. With our sage advice, you can pull all the charms into your room in no time.

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