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Can I Use a Garden Room as a Spare Bedroom?

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A garden room can be used for almost any purpose imaginable, including setting up a spare bedroom. Property extensions and loft conversions are not always possible, and can also be prohibitively expensive. Setting up a spare bedroom in a garden room can be a cost-effective alternative solution, with the added bonus of minimal disruption during the installation process.

Even so, there are a few crucial things that need to be kept in mind, if you are setting your sights on a garden room bedroom. As you are effectively adding a fully-functional living space to your home, there is more to think about than when setting up a relaxation space or outdoor home office, for example.

Can Garden Rooms be Used as a Bedroom?

The short answer is yes – a garden room can be set up as a cosy, comfortable and fantastically practical bedroom. But as the room will be separate to the property it accompanies, you almost certainly have to install the appropriate plumbing and electronics.

A garden room bedroom that lacks a sink and a toilet, for example, would be highly impractical.  You therefore need to ensure the garden room you select can support the facilities needed to function as a bedroom, and that it will be possible to connect it to your home’s plumbing system and electrical supply.

Do you need planning permission for a garden room bedroom?

Setting up a garden room rarely calls for planning permission – unless you plan on using it as a bedroom. The legislation draws important distinctions between a recreation space and a living space, with bedrooms falling into the latter category.

Generally speaking, if a garden room has running water and is designed to be slept in, it will be classified as a living space. In which case, you will almost certainly need to obtain planning permission, before the installation process can begin.

Where planning permission is required, your supplier will help you organise the paperwork needed to obtain it.

Can a garden bedroom be multipurpose?

Yes, and this is a hugely popular choice for garden room owners. Typically, a spare bedroom set up outdoors is not going to be used on a permanent basis. In which case, it simply makes sense to make practical use of the space at all other times.

A garden room or bedroom can therefore double up as an outdoor office, a home cinema room or even a private gym. Paired with decking or a patio, it can also be the perfect place to enjoy afternoons outdoors and evenings under the stars during the warmer months of the year.

How long does a garden bedroom take to install?

The length of time it takes to install a garden room will be determined by the size, configuration and complexity of the structure. As a general rule of thumb, most garden rooms can be fully installed within 1 to 3 weeks, after planning permission has been granted.

Your supplier will provide you with an estimated project timescale as part of your initial consultation, during which you can discuss your objectives and intentions for your garden room.

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