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What Are Blackout Blinds (and What Are Their Benefits)?

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Conventional curtains can look great and do a good job blocking exterior light, as can most types of blinds and shutters, which are adjusted with pinpoint precision for enhanced lighting and privacy control.

But what all conventional window coverings have in common is their limitations when it comes to total exclusion of all exterior light. Even with the highest-quality shutters money can buy, there will still be a small amount of light that makes its way into your home.

This is where blackout blinds can make all the difference. As the name suggests, blackout blinds are designed specifically to block out as much light as possible.  Manufactured from materials that allow no light whatsoever to pass through, blackout blinds are fitted to windows with pinpoint precision to minimise gaps and leaks.

But what are the benefits of blackout blinds that go beyond those of more conventional window coverings? In what instances would it be preferable or beneficial to bring blackout blinds into your home?

The Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds can be advantageous across the home in its entirety, but are particularly beneficial in bedrooms and shared living spaces.

For example, blackout blinds can be great for kids’ bedrooms or nurseries, where younger members of the household may sleep during hours of daylight. By creating a fully dark environment in which to nap, it can be much easier to encourage restful sleep for kids and babies.

The same can also be said for adults’ bedrooms, where creating a completely dark environment is not always easy.  Where windows face out onto illuminated streets or pavements, night-time light pollution can be a real problem.  Irrespective of age, research has shown how a flawlessly dark interior holds the key to better sleep and more energised mornings.

A Solution for Shift Workers

Shift workers, in particular, may find blackout blinds beneficial, as sleeping during the brightness of the daytime can often prove problematic. Standard curtains and blinds can block light to an extent, but not nearly on the same level as blackout blinds.

If any members of your household regularly need to sleep during the day, blackout blinds can be just the thing.

Otherwise, blackout blinds can be great for setting the perfect ambiance for a family movie night. Or perhaps, settling in for a romantic dinner, or entertaining friends. Blackout blinds combine unbeatable light control with total privacy control, completely obscuring the view from the outdoors into your home.

Do Blackout Blinds Block 100% Exterior Light?

The capacity for blackout blinds to block exterior light will be determined by a number of factors. Examples of which include the quality of the materials, how precisely they are installed and whether they are combined with other window coverings, like window shutters or curtains.

Technically speaking, no window covering can fully block 100% of all exterior light. To do so would require a flawless airtight seal around the edges which for obvious reasons would not be practical.

Even so, blackout blinds can block more than enough light to create what looks and feels like total darkness to the human eye. Perfect for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a hard day, or helping kids get the restful sleep they need at any time.

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