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Common myths about appliances that we believe to be true

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Myths have been existing since the dawn of our humankind. Though there are proven truths, we still tend to believe and follow the fables. For some reason, we find it logical to add salt to the water to make it boil faster. Science confirms that it’s not true, yet we don’t buy it!

Just as the goldfish don’t have a three-second memory, most of the additional household chores we follow are myths in disguise. Here are some of them busted with logical reasoning. Let’s clear out all the misinformation wandering for good!

Home appliances don’t need power on standby mode.

One of the most common myths to assume is that when the appliance is in sleep mode or standby, they don’t consume power. However, this is incorrect. Any machine would need minimum energy to run smoothly.

Adding some credit to this thought, any appliance on standby mode actually uses less energy compared to when it runs actively. If you’re looking to reduce the usage, then switching the machine off does the work.

Handwashing over dishwasher

Many believe that handwashing or pre washing the utensils save water as well as energy. The dishwashers these days are designed to tackle the same concern from its core. They are more energy-efficient and takes way less water than a manual wash.

Did you know? If you wash the dishes at your regular tap’s water pace, then you’re wasting one gallon of water per minute! However, a dishwasher consumes only 4 gallons of water per wash cycle. Now you know which is more effective.

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Electric ovens are expensive!

We see electric ovens everywhere we go. Placed in every cafe, lounge, office etc., yet we somehow tend to believe that these ovens are costly. Gauge the electric ovens with their efficiency ratings.

If they are green coded and are mentioned as A+++, then they are highly efficient. Anything below this grade decreases its efficiency. Efficiency means the appliance performs its best with less power usage and has a longer shelf life.

More detergent for cleaner clothes

Detergents are devised to wash regular dirt off of the clothes. However, the companies cleverly advertise stating that they can remove any stain or dirt pretty easily. Do not fall for this trick and end up using more detergent than required.

Adding more surfactant to the laundry would leave more residue and substances in the clothes that harm the skin if there is contact for a longer time. Usually, a quarter or close to half of what’s recommended is enough to clean the clothes.


Most of the myths you believe in right now come from outdated technologies. We live in the AI-powered world where the technology runs at our fingertips, something we wouldn’t have imagined half a century ago! Learn about new trends and let us know what personal myths you’ve followed until you unravel its truth!

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