Why are Emeralds so expensive?

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Gemstones have always been precious to humanity, throughout the world, especially in countries like India. Gems have been given utmost importance all across. There are several importance attached to it, and the most favored one is the astrological link to it. Astrology being one of the bases of the sciences and being the central belief of the human race, the history with gemstones has significant importance. Each gemstone has a story and meaning behind it. Gemstones like Emerald, Moonstone, etc. Have a high reputation for people in their daily life. So the prices differ according to their importance. Like that of Emerald price is the highest rated amongst gemstones.

Emerald being so pricey:

Emerald price is so high amongst other gemstones because of the rarity of the precious gemstone. Also, the color and greenness are scarce to find, making it so demandable and eye-catching.

The rarity of the availability of the gemstone Emerald makes it more or less equal to Diamonds. Getting a genuine, authentic emerald is such a heavy task. The origin of Emerald goes back to ancient times, much before the emergence of diamonds. The softest gemstones and green color make it the most approachable gemstone apart from rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.

What are the price ranges of Emeralds?

The price of Emeralds varies according to the quality, opaqueness, and carat. The cost generally ranges from less than $1 a carat to $100,000 a carat. The more the carat one wants, the more will be its price. The demand for the precious rare gemstone has made its price much higher. Like other gemstones, the cost of Emeralds depends on the clarity, cut, and carat.

Are diamonds suitable investments?

When buying a diamond, the central question which comes to mind is, “Are diamonds good investments?” The simple answer would be yes, and they are—the precious and most human-friendly gemstones. The demand is much higher amongst the races. Investment in diamonds serves long-term profitability, apart from being carrying an emotional value to it. Apart from Gold, Diamonds have been considered to be a secure investment for people for ages. There has been a steep rise in the investment in diamonds over the years, knowing its saleable creditability.

The banks also offer loans and meet other financial aspects with Diamonds as the mortgage. With the prices of diamonds being so high, although it’s difficult for ordinary people to set an eye for big businesses and wealthy ones, diamond investments are much in demand. Also, when one sets up the mind to sell the diamonds, it fetches an excellent heavy price more than what one bought for. So whenever a person thinks, “Are diamonds good investments?” The only answer will be yes, a big one, though.


While concluding, it is pretty precise that buying diamonds is a good investment policy. Both Emeralds and Diamonds are precious stones and are considered one of the trendings; most demanded gemstones ever. The prices of both gemstones are the same, and even though diamonds remain a popular gemstone, emerald doesn’t leave them behind at all.

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