10 Best Video Editor Tools to Make Amazing YouTube Videos

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There are many tools available to help you make your YouTube videos look amazing, but not all of them are created equally. Choosing the right tool can be the difference between content that garners views and shares, and content that gets buried in the mud of your subscribers’ feeds. If you want to see your videos on the most-viewed list by using just a simple tool as an online video editor, click on this link. But before you go, check out this list of the 10 best video editing tools to make amazing YouTube videos.

What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

A good video editor is worth its weight in gold when it comes to creating a successful and engaging video for your business. After all, if you don’t even have something worth watching, no one will watch it. Here’s a list of our top ten video editing tools that anyone can use regardless of skill level or experience.

1) Promo

One of my favorite tools for making videos is Promo online video editor. With Promo, you can search and subscribe to thousands of royalty-free videos and images directly within your account. Once you’ve got footage in your library, it’s a cinch to start building high-quality videos. You can add titles, custom music, text animations, and more. It also has really cool built-in animated titles. Plus it’s free!

Video Editor Tools

2) Boomerang

Boomerang is an online video editor that allows you to edit your videos in a variety of fun ways. It works with every single type of video file and can even be used with animated GIFs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for text captions, logo slides, montages, or basic fades—Boomerang will meet all your editing needs!

3) Wideo

Wideo makes it easy for video enthusiasts to edit their own short videos. Choose an image, audio, and up to ten seconds of video. Then drag them onto your canvas and set them in motion with Wideo’s simple editing tools. When you’re done creating your masterpiece, you can export it directly to popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. You can even add an interactive card for video creators who prefer embedding their work on their websites or blogs.

4) PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is an all-in-one video editor that allows you to edit videos online for free. It has over 60 built-in features, effects, and transitions. These also include animated texts with music, picture in picture (PIP), green-screen effect, color wheel, and chromatic aberrations. Its interface is simple enough for anyone, regardless of their level of expertise with video editing software. It also supports rendering high-definition videos in 1080p.

5) Magisto

Magisto has a fantastic array of video editing features that make it easy for any user to create an engaging piece of content. Users can easily add filters, text overlays, music, titles, and more with a few clicks and drag-and-drop. They can also give their videos motion by adding animated transitions. Magisto is a great choice for all levels of users who don’t want any sort of hassle when trying to put together an amazing video on a deadline.

6) GoAnimate

This online video editor provides both free and paid versions that are powerful. The paid version comes with additional features like music, stock photos, transitions, and more. It’s easy to create professional videos with GoAnimate because it has a simple editing tool, even if you don’t have any experience using it before. Their website also offers some useful tutorials for those who want to learn more about how it works or need some inspiration for their next project.

7) WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editor that has both free and paid tiers. The free version of WeVideo allows you to edit only one minute at a time and it also limits your video size so that you cannot make videos larger than 50 MB.

8) Quik

At just $49.99 a year, Quik is great for people who are looking for something that’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It also comes with 1GB of cloud storage space, which is ideal if you don’t want anything nagging you about losing your work.

Video Editor Tools

9) Animoto

If you want an easy way to make beautiful videos, Animoto is a great way to go. Users can sign up for free and choose from hundreds of designs or create their custom themes using photos and video clips from Flickr, Vimeo, or their computer. You can share your video via Facebook, YouTube, or email. The best part? Animoto’s team will work with you step-by-step if you need assistance.

10) ToonDoo

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to create polished videos, try this online video editor. ToonDoo has a basic free or premium version that costs $9 per month. The best part is that with either version you can easily upload your photos and music (royalty-free), add different types of text over your video, create square video content or vertical long-form content and even collaborate with other users.

Final Word on the Best Online Video Editor Tools to Create Youtube Videos

Making a YouTube video for your business is an easy way to reach out and connect with your potential clients. If you own a small business or want to start one, then there’s no reason not to make videos for it.

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