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5 Best Women’s Trench Coats

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Women’s trench coats are something that will never go out of fashion. Quite a few times, they’ve come very close to that but haven’t actually gone extinct. Earlier, they were worn by men and women in winters, as they provide superior protection from the cold. For a brief while, sweaters took over, and then came hoodies. But then again, trench coats made a comeback. And quite a strong one at that. Now, they are not just worn in winters to provide oneself from the cold but also as a sophisticated and dignified fashion statement. Like any other piece of vintage clothing or retro fashion, trench coats are now a symbol of dignified sophistication. And now, all the rage is surrounding women’s trench coats. Long trench coats for women are often worn by models during fashion shows where designers show off their winter wear collection and also by female celebrities trying to make a strong fashion statement.

The history of trench coats

Trench coats were worn extensively by female celebrities in the twentieth century, not only as a fashion statement but also to make a strong impression on the audience as it gave the wearer a dignified appearance. Funnily enough, originally, it was a piece of clothing made for army officers, during the First World War, to be worn by them while taking the fight to the enemy from the trenches. Two British luxury clothing manufacturers claim to have invented the design of the trench coat.

Trench coats have come a long way since then. Through the Rock Revolution in the late twentieth century, when they were worn as a symbol of heavy metal rock and goth fashion. And it wasn’t just female celebrities who wore trench coats. Several American and European matinee idols wore and made the trench coat an iconic piece of clothing.

5 Best Women’s Trench Coats

Today, almost all big brands that make women’s clothing and fashion apparel in general, make women’s trench coats. And the making of long trench coats for women is not confined to only the traditional style anymore. Over the years, various other styles and cultures have impacted trench coats and make them more stylish than they originally were. Let us take a look at the best long trench coats for women :

The Kensington Heritage trench coat

This beige color trench coat has the perfect length and the perfect balance of the traditional British trench coats and modern fashion that is suited perfectly to the fashionable modern woman and makes quite the dignified and sophisticated impression.

Cashmere Trench Coat

This classic camel coat has all the fundamental characteristics one might expect from a trench coat. But the quality of the materials and the superior craftsmanship make this an achievement for one’s wardrobe. Made with the best materials in the world in their Italian atelier. This iconic model is single-breasted, with a belt at the waist, with traditional epaulets, cuff tabs, and oversized pockets. Quite an eye-catching piece!

Leather-Trimmed Cashmere Trench Coat

Among the most stylish of women’s trench coats, it is quite expensive but also a dream for a fashion enthusiast. Quite the star of the show and a piece that can steal the spotlight from the other trench coats in your wardrobe, this sleek black piece with intricate leather trims is sure to catch the eye of anyone around you.

Women’s Light Trench Coat

Quite an affordable piece, that also flatters your physique and will also keep you warm on cooler days, this trench coat is made from lightweight material. It can be worn with all outfits and is suitable for all occasions, informal or formal or anything in the middle. The water-resistant material is an added advantage of this piece.

Oversized Cotton-Blend Trench Coat

Quite a beauty that comes in a cool green shade, it is simply the most stylish among all the other long trench coats for women out there. The cool green shade gives it a stylish yet subtle appearance and is also beautiful enough for any occasion.


As mentioned before, trench coats will never go out of fashion as they have evolved with time, unlike many other pieces of clothing. Fusions with different styles and various other pieces of clothing have made a style of clothing that is a class apart. In the most recent years, women’s trench coats have become the quintessential piece of dignified yet stylish winter wear. Because big brands always keep churning out new ideas for their products, every day, new styles of long trench coats for women are brought to the market and most of them are instant hits among fashion enthusiasts. So? What are you waiting for? Get your trench coat on!

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