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5 Best Short Haircuts For Men

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With every new generation, there is a new fashion statement that takes over the world or at least some parts of it. Whether it’s the long hair, ripped jeans, or tattoos, at one or the other, each of these and others have taken over the world. The craze about an array of new hairstyles is something that happens every generation. For example, in the last decade or at least half of it, the craze has been about stylish short haircuts for men, which are really suave and stylish.

The transition

There has been a slow but steady transition from the long haircuts or hairstyles that were in fashion around a decade ago to the slick and short stylish ones, which are in fashion now. It is very difficult to maintain long hairstyles through all the dirt, dust, smoke, sweat, and pollution that one has to endure every day. Thus, these short haircuts are all the rage now as they are easy to maintain. And shirt haircuts aren’t just limited to the Classic Buzz or the Crew Cut anymore. They’ve extended their boundaries to various other stylish haircuts. Thus, short hairstyles are all the rage right now.

5 Best Short Haircuts For Men

Let us take a look at some of the best short haircuts for men.

5 Best Short Haircuts For Men

The Faded Buzz

The Faded Buzz is one of the most stylish and slick among all the short haircut style for men. The specialty of this haircut is that the sides are faded into the chin. It is a style that complements any style of beard, especially a well-trimmed stylish beard. The main difference from the Classic Buzz is that the hair in the middle of the head is slightly more prominent. It also goes with the style of facial hair and is very easy to maintain. Over time it can be grown into any other hairstyle. Suited to all occasions, it is very stylish and goes best with casual outfits but also bodes well with formal wear.

The Crew Cut

The short hairstyles for men are not just confined to the Classic Buzz anymore. The Crew Cut is similar to the buzz but the length of the hair is different in the different places of the head and thus it allows more stylish options. It is well suited for men with thick hair and a square face. It is one of the best short haircuts styles for men and goes with both a bearded and a clean-shaven face. It is suited to both informal and formal occasions and is light and easy to maintain.

Medium Length Natural Quiff

Among all the short haircuts for men, it is one of the most difficult to execute and maintain because of its edgy style. It is also one that requires proper hair care. One must keep in mind that the texture and shape of hair in this haircut are most important and must be cared for well. It looks dapper with semi-formal outfits such as a formal short paired with jeans and a leather jacket, or a sweater paired with formal pants.

French Crop With Low Fade

It is one of the slickest short haircuts for men and very easy maintenance. It looks best with a lightly trimmed and nicely shaped beard but also looks with a clean-shaven face. It is best suited for parties and similar informal occasions. It is easy to maintain but one must get regular trims to keep the style intact. It is suited for both informal and formal occasions.

Buzz Cut with Shaved Design

For those willing to take a risk or do something out of the box, this is one of the best short haircuts for men. It can only be executed if the barber is an artist and gives the individual an edgy and sophisticated look. However, it is quite difficult to maintain and needs repeated shaves at regular intervals. It is best suited to informal occasions such as parties, or vacations at the beach, or a night out with friends, during the summer. You can also slightly change the design on the side if you have a trimmer at home and even slightly artistic tendencies.

5 Best Short Haircuts For Men


So, now you have a list of the 5 best short haircuts for men that you can rock this summer or also in the festive season that follows. These awesome short hairstyles are easy to maintain and are well suited for multiple occasions. So? What are you waiting for? Just choose one that’s best for you and get ready to surprise your friends at the party this weekend!

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