1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Has Already Lost 115 Lbs. in Rehab

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For the past three seasons, Tammy Slaton has struggled with being overweight, but at the same time, the TLC star lost up to 115 pounds with the help of the scary medical incident. At the third finale, her brother Chris revealed that Tammy was brought to the hospital due to a breathing problem one day after having the food addiction rehabs. TLC stars keep under the ventilator in the hospital and provide the full medical treatment induced the coma. They give detail to explain that her lunge had become given up and her body started shutting down, which was said by Amanda and by adding the family wad facing making funeral arrangements for Tammy and give special support at all times.

After completing the TV to start getting up, she gave a tracheotomy to hold the breathing tube inserted in her mouth, and then she was able to breathe with real comfort at all times. After 3 weeks, she returns from the hospital. At the time of staying in the hospital, Chris gave an uplifting update on Tammy that she lost 1000 lb sisters, and he thought she said 115 pounds in 30 days itself. Chris gave a speech in front of the camera during the finale. He is enjoyed that she got on this train and started rolling down the tracks with no trouble.

Shared Detail Over Social Media Page:

She updated followers with help of the social media apps such as Tiktok in February 2022. However, at the same time, Tammy was under the food addiction rehab features after completing her medical. Tammyslaton weight loss looks forward to staying at the Ohio rehab facility still the summer days. However, she continues her weight loss journey, fans become happy about her, and she provides updates about the weight loss. She gives an open talk that she looks better and is glad about her weight loss.

Most users commented and shared their comments on her, so she feels happy to lose the unwanted body weight. Several fans became doubtful about her weight loss because she was in a coma for three weeks. Tammy has been shown to deceive her family on completing her weight loss. Tammy’s sister has gone on quality bariatric surgery and met her goal of starting the family.

Open talk about Th Tammy by her sister:

Over the year, her sister gave an open talk about Tammy’s health journey, and she is happy that Tammy has finally obtained special support. The mom of told people gives had, and her sister rebab stayed. She had a health problem and was hospitalized by the government in 2021 due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It helped to lead to pneumonia, and her sister got septic, which was announced via TikTok videos at the time.

At the end of the episode, Chris revealed that Tammy lost a total of 115 pounds over 30 days, which means that she could be around 534 pounds, and the filming tammy has not shared any message regarding the weight updates over social media. Tammy’s Instagram post never makes it as she is still in another rehab facility, which bodes for her future weight loss goal for bariatric surgery support.

Reduce her weight:

However, at the same time, Tammy needs fard from surgery. According to the mayo clinic, people for weight loss surgery will meet a handful of guidelines. As a result, it conducts different shows to lose weight six months before sure get and BML of 35 higher, and at least there is a single obesity medical condition. 1000 lb sisters now look forward to reducing the overall weight and delivering the best support and solution at all times. Now it becomes possible that she lost more weight when she did not date jerry.

They were never together anymore, but at the same time, his apparent fetish with proper feeding tammy and remained s her at UN healthy weight, which slowed down any progress, and tammy might have made any risk and trouble of it. Now tammy chose to create a great change among her and go back to rehab for an extended time, and there is a renewed sense in the Tammy family.

On December 6th, she became weighed during the doctor appointment, and she found out her weight was at 639, which meant she obtained weight up to she left rehab. In this season 3 finale released over the Discovery plus that, she agreed to go to the rehab, obtain after she went off the rails with proper dieting.

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