Bob Nouri– Creating a Better World by Uplifting Others

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“There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.”

  -Bernard Meltzer

Undoubtedly, the best actions of individuals are those which are taken to help others and relieve them of their problems. Such people are blessed with the quality of sympathy and empathy, which they can channel through different actions.

The world has surely turned into a better place due to the kind and considerate actions of empathetic individuals. These people have tried to take practical steps to create a better world for underprivileged people by devoting themselves to a cause they were passionate about.

Every philanthropist in the world, ranging from Andrew Carnegie to Mother Teresa, Bill, and Melinda Gates to Dr. Ruth Pfau, has significantly contributed to aiding impoverished individuals, reducing their miseries, and creating a better future for them.

All of them worked in different arenas to assist others, including providing education, improving healthcare, advocating for human rights, and fostering research on scientific developments and renewable energy for a sustainable world.

One such individual who is contributing to the betterment of humanity in the contemporary world is Bob Nouri. His actions are driven by the commitment to uplift others and create ease for other individuals globally.

In 2017, he became associated with Farhang Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to promote and celebrate Iranian culture and art. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Farhang Foundation.

Nouri is also on the Board of Directors of Why Not Foundation, an organization that empowers the impoverished population through different initiatives, including the implementation of structured educational opportunities, workforce development, and provision of accessible mental health resources. It intends to enhance the perseverance of vulnerable communities and uplift their youth by offering resources.

Nouri has participated in multiple philanthropic activities. He is a staunch supporter of the City of Hope, an organization that provides top-notch cancer care to patients. It focuses on cancer research and treatment. He has been serving as a director at Midnight Mission since 2021.

It is a Los Angeles-based human services organization that offers different services, including food, drug, and alcohol recovery services, safe sleep programs, rehabilitation services, and educational training to the needy sections of society.

Apart from being an immaculate philanthropist, Bob Nouri is an entrepreneur, multi-auto dealership owner, and operator. He is an Iranian-American who was born in Iran and moved to Oklahoma, United States, at the age of 19.

He is the son of Manoochehr Khajehnouri, an electrical engineer, and TooranAbasalti, who worked at the only women’s institution at the time in Iran as a tailoring teacher. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on business administration from Phillips University.

Nouri worked as a janitor at Universal Custodial Services while studying to fulfill his educational expenses. Despite beginning with a lower position, he continued to shine with his hard work and perseverance. He has served in different positions on notable boards and organizations.

He was the Past President of the South-Central Regional Council of Hyundai Dealers and served as the board member of the advertising at Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma Auto Dealer Association. He joined the Regional Advertising Council and Regional Advisory Council for Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram as a board member.

He is one of the longest-serving board members of the Hyundai National Dealer Council.

In 2015, Nouri left Oklahoma and moved to California. He established B.N. Dealerships Management Inc., with over 30 years of experience in the auto industry.

He has also co-founded Nouri/Shaver Automotive Group alongside his business partner, Pete Shaver. He has been able to develop over 17 New Car Dealerships in Southern California and Oregon due to his unparalleled expertise and business acumen.

Another remarkable achievement for Nouri was when he acquired a Chevrolet dealership from Performance Brokerage Services, North America’s highest-volume dealership brokerage firm, along with his partner, Shaver, on December 20, 2022.

The deal carves the way for Nouri and Shaver to grow further and hold a distinctive position in the automotive market. This deal marks Nouri and Shaver’s 15th dealership. In 2021, Nouri/Shaver Automotive Group generated $1.75 billion in revenue by selling over 40,000 new and pre-owned vehicles.

Bob Nouri

Nouri is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a caring family person. He is married to Tara Nouri and has two children. Due to his impressive conduct, he was recognized as the Citizen of the Year by the City of Van Nuys Police Department in 2021. His success has enabled him to contribute significantly to multiple initiatives aiming to uplift the impoverished segments of society.

His participation in philanthropic endeavors depicts his empathetic nature towards the problems of other people. If everyone in this world starts empathizing with other individuals, then this world will surely become a haven for all individuals, regardless of their background.

Who is Bob Nouri, and what is his mission or purpose in uplifting others?

Ans- Bob Nouri is a philanthropist. His mission in Uplifting is to create a positive change and help other people.

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