6 Tips for Overcoming Your Fears and Smashing That Business Presentation

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Facing a business presentation can leave anyone with a case of nerves. It’s daunting to stand up in front of your peers. That’s why it’s time for you to overcome your fear of presenting. Put your best foot forward and show everyone what you are made of. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Focus on your plan

Whether you are conducting a webinar or are going for an in-person event, every good business presentation begins with a plan. Now, your plan does not need to be entirely in-depth, instead, it should act as an outline. That way you can anchor down your points.

Start with a smile

Your audience will act towards you how you act towards them. So, if you start off very serious or mundane, you may find that you are unable to grab the attention of those in the room. You may also make yourself nervous if you find that the reaction of your audience isn’t very accommodating. Make sure to start off with a joke or a casual comment that can relax you and those that are listening to you. Even a smile at the start of your speech can help lighten the mood of your presentation.

Keep notes close to you

When you get nervous, one of the things that may happen is that you lose track of your thought process. That may mean that you forget important facts or points that you have to say. That’s why it’s always useful to keep your notes close to you. If you prefer it to be a physical copy, print them off in a bullet point format. You can also put them like notes on a PowerPoint presentation. That way you can look at your screen for a reference if you need them.

Take a breath

One of the things you need to watch out for during a business presentation is the speed of your words. The faster you go, the more likely it is that you are going to stumble or be forced to start your point again. That way you may get lost in your point. If you are rushing, make sure to take a breath at the start of sentences. You may also want to slow down on the final word of each sentence to ensure your brain has time to catch up with all your thoughts!

Use images and visual aids

Not everyone presents with just a script in hand. Instead, you will find that your presentation will become far more interesting if you use images to demonstrate your points. Visual aids are extremely useful in helping you remember specific information. You will also find that your audience’s attention will be focused on the image.

Dress comfortably

On presentation day, make sure to dress as comfortably as you can for the event. Even if you have a strict dress code, adding something to your outfit to help you relax will assist your presentation style.

So, if you find yourself becoming anxious about that big upcoming business presentation, follow these top tips to alleviate your fears.

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