7 Creative Hotel Digital Signage You Should Learn From

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Digital signage solutions have revolutionized operations in every industry, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Actually, hotels continue to leverage the capabilities of these solutions to stay on top of their customer service and improve overall functionality.

For a hotel or any other player in the hospitality industry keen on taking a customer-centric approach and improving their value add to each client, here are some creative hotel digital signage ideas worth implementing in your hotel spaces, right from the reception and lobby to the cafeteria and in the rooms

1. Digital Welcome Screen

First impressions are everything. Displaying creative welcome messages on screens in hotel lobbies is a great way to do just that. Even better if you can have a personalized welcome message display on the screen inside each guest’s room.

Set the tone for a good guest experience by including all the information your guests will need alongside that warm welcome message. Additionally, share your Wi-Fi password so the guests don’t have to ask for it. Your check-in times, check-in wait times, what time your restaurant opens, offers, and upgrades available, are among some useful information to share on your screens for a better welcome.

Upgrading this information as often as needed, and displaying the same, will help to ensure your guests are in the know about what you offer together with the pricing. This will save time for the staff at the reception desk.

2. Automatic Check-in

With powering by custom digital signage software, interactive digital screens can be an alternative to the traditional check-in method of doing it at the check-in desk. Hotel guests who would rather avoid some one-on-one with staff during this bit of their journey will no doubt favor self-check-in kiosks.

This automatic check-in is an advantage for guests and hoteliers alike. As a hotelier, you may not need to employ more staff to oversee check-ins at the front desk. For guests, it all adds to a better experience and a lasting impression as they can check-in within a few moments and avoid long queues.

3. Wayfinding Made Easier

Make it easy for your guests to find their way around your hotel or casinos with the help of carefully placed digital displays. Actually, how about being able to tap on a touchscreen, which should return prompts on how to navigate through the hotel and find their destination. In addition, self-help directories are just as handy for easier navigation.

What’s more, it’s always great not to ask for directions every now and then from hotel staff and other guests. Your guests will feel more confident to step out and explore every inch of your hotel.

You can always go beyond your premises and familiarize your guests with the city. Therefore, display local restaurants, museums, and other attractions. Highlight how to get there and other information such as each of these locations’ opening and closing times.

4. Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Carefully selected hotel digital signage content has the power to create that perfect ambiance in your hotel spaces. The effect will be even more profound when you have something great going on with your decor.

Therefore, tell a story with your media walls, featuring attention-catching art displays. You can display images and use video walls of local attractions. Also, you can go with images such as the countryside, or the ocean, depending on the look and feel you want to achieve.

Schedule the display to change at different times to achieve a specific look and feel for different times. A carefully selected playlist will also have the same effect.

5. Travel Information Displays

Time is everything when you are traveling, and anything you can get to help avoid delays is always welcome. In fact, displaying real-time travel updates from nearby train, subway and bus services on hotel digital signage can be such a great help. Your guests will have an easier time staying organized if they have these crucial updates.

6. Social Media or Hashtag Walls

These days, everyone is on social media, it would seem. People trust what is on social media and enjoy following and getting behind different hashtags.

Catch your guests’ attention by displaying the user-generated content across your social networks on your digital screens. Therefore, anything from tweets to hashtags and social tags will be a great fit. Display your customer reviews and ratings as shared on social media to help inspire some confidence in the experience your guests can look forward to during their stay at your hotel.

7. Digital Menu Boards

Ditch the paper-based menus at your cafeteria for digital menu boards. Actually, these boards provide an attractive way to display your menu items. Add QR codes, and you can streamline the food ordering process by making it contactless. QR code adds an excellent experience for your hotel guests.

Wrap Up

With the right strategy and the backing of professionally designed and deployed hospitality digital signage solutions, you can deliver a great user experience for your hotel guests. Above all, showcase your offerings, keep your guests entertained, reduce wait times and create the perfect ambiance with these and more creative hotel digital signage ideas.

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