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We have spent most of our time playing with so many new and soft toys in each childhood. Toys are the favorite object for every kid during their childhood. This is because playing with toys or spending most of the time with toys is a part of every children’s mental development. Even today, you will see many different types of toys for kids are available in the market. Even also in online mode, you can many of the variety of toys. But has this ever come to your mind that is toys are now a part of mental development for kids? 

Most of the parents now want to get new methods or new ways by which they can make their small kids busy with playing and let parents work or do their work peacefully without any disturbance. Still, they do not know that leaving their small kids with toys can also lead to a huge problem they will face in the future. Even nowadays, toys are no longer safe like before it is used to be for small kids. It is advised and suggested to every parent to minimize toys for kids.


Every parent knows what is best and good for their children, and they do according to the betterment of their children. Children are always with good toys for playing purposes. Every parent thinks that playing with lots of toys can make their mind stronger and help their small kids learn. But the fact is not the same anymore. Even spending lots of time with toys can also negatively impact a child’s development and growth. Even it is also seen that playing with plastic toys can lead to health issues.

Though there are many toys for kids in stores, minimizing toys for kids is necessary to avoid any problems. There are many plastic toys available that are not good for your health. After spending so much time with their toys, kids have now forgotten to spend time with their family, and now they cannot even focus on their studies completely. In the future, it can lead to big violence as children always learn from their parents, if small kids see their parents having any fight they also start fighting over small things which is a bad impact.


People may think that toys are the best thing which can help their kids to learn many things, but the fact is that it is not at all the correct step or a correct decision of every parent and makes a huge mistake even they have to suffer from the consequences. Now you might ask that what the reasons for which it is advised to minimize toys for kids. Let’s know more in detail what can be those reasons why parents are not supposed to give lots of toys to small kids and children or behind minimizing of playing with toys.

  • If we talk about some health factors, parents always advise not to give plastic toys to their children as it is very hazardous for small children, especially for small infants. 
  • At an early age, we give different toys to children according to their gender, and by doing this type of activity, we give rise to gender inequality or gender stereotypes.
  • Even after having siblings at home, these small kids are now not even playing with them as they have their toys with them and do not even feel like spending some of the quality time with their parents or with their siblings.
  • Sharing is caring is the line taught to every child during an early age, but the fact it children are now have become very aggressive, and even they start fighting over small things.
  • Kids are typically OK at playing and using their brains. Regardless, too many toys often involve them and hold them back from using and encouraging their imaginativeness and innovative brain.


After getting to know so many unknown facts about toys now, it can be concluded that toys are important as they are a part of every kid’s childhood development, but spending lots of time with toys can have a serious and negative effect on the child’s development. It is always advised that every parent should give more attention and spend more time with their kids instead of giving toys.

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