Top 5 Steps for Building a Winning Social Media Strategy

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Want to become a social media influencer? Want to make this your full-time job and gain lots of followers?

Well, at first it might seem easy but in order to become a social media celebrity or be someone even close to it, you need to have lots and lots of followers. And having that many people follow you is not an easy job.

Well, you might be something other than an influencer, content creator, digital creator, media creator, or model. You might be an entrepreneur trying his or her hand at social media marketing.

You might be someone who has taken it upon himself or herself to aware the public of serious issues that need addressing. Well, whatever it is, you need a clear social media strategy to gain followers and cause an actual impact. And this strategy is what we shall explore in this article.

Understanding the basics

Firstly, before sitting down for your social media planning, you need to be clear about the fundamentals. Such as, you need to know what you are selling, literally and figuratively, and who might buy it. You must make your presence on social media known, and thus you need at least one account on each platform.

A superior social media strategy requires a clear idea about your profile and thus, take as much time as you need. And remember, nobody becomes a social media influencer in just a day.

Surely if you follow the below-mentioned points and become one of the successful influencers in your sphere, you can use software companies like Grin, Humanz, and Upfluence which launch their own influencer marketing platforms for bettering your place in the market.

Those help businesses find Instagram influencers which let them work with high-quality influencers and get better results. You can register yourself as an influencer, and companies can find you easily by using filters and features. 

Build a Winning Social Media
Build a Winning Social Media

The top 5 steps to building a winning social media strategy

Let us take a close look at the best steps to build a winning social media strategy:

Knowing your audience

Now, this is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind while building a winning social media strategy.  You should know the particular people you are targeting. You should know what might have a positive influence on them.

If it’s social media marketing, then you should know the demands of the class of people you are targeting. You can expand to other audiences later on after you’ve built a strong foundation.

Planning your posts

Your posts should be regularly spaced so that one post doesn’t shadow another. It post should carry a different message and have a strong presence of its own. Thus, your social media planning should be made such that it can account for all your posts. It helps a lot if you make a schedule to fit in all your posts.

The message should be clearly conveyed

In your posts, whether it’s the enlightenment of an issue or a simple picture of you, as a model, or a video of you singing or dancing or performing any other art, it should catch the eye of the viewer or the audience. If it’s a written post, it should get right to the point without beating around the bush much, otherwise, it might confuse the audience.

Mentioning the right people

If there are other users or accounts involved in that production, it will help a lot if they are mentioned or tagged. People following those accounts will reach your account as well, and you will gain followers and be able to reach out to more people. Similarly, if you are tagged or mentioned in the posts, videos, or writings of others, more people will reach your account.

Sharing the post

The post should be shared as much as possible, not just by you but also by the people tagged or mentioned in it, or other people you know, who support the cause or simply want to help you.

It should be shared on statuses and stories and this goes a long way in creating a bigger outreach. People should be able to reach by this story or status and this will go a long way in gaining followers.


Thus, now you know the best steps to building a winning social media strategy. You should also improvise, depending on the situation. You can also talk to other social media users to gain a better idea about how to make your presence stronger, on social media.

Also remember to keep updating each and every app you use to gain access to social media platforms because if you don’t, you will end up missing out on various new features. Well, all the best!

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