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Top 10 Asian Female Models | Modeling and Glamour in Asia

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From being featured and displayed on some of the most famous magazine volumes all over the world to parading and rocking on international catwalks, Asian models have done it all.  The life that an Asian Female Model leads is as competitive as it is glamorous.

Modeling and Glamour

Success has never come easy to anyone in this world, which is why to think that all that Asian Female Models required were pretty faces to have put them at the rank that they are in right now, it is indeed stupid. The amount of hard work and dedication that it takes to become a model in the ever-competitive modeling industry is just as much as in any other successful field. Asian models have recently gained a lot of fame due to their potential and hard work in their respective industries

How to Start Modeling in Asia

Asian glamour world is considered a heaven for models looking to develop their skills and build strong books with professional modeling tearsheets.

Once a model has successfully worked in Asia they officially become a “professional model” and significantly increase their chances of getting signed to a big agency in New York, Milan, Paris, London, and other major markets. It is also much easier to get working papers and visas that allow the model to work in other countries.

Models and their journey

An industry where you constantly have to prove how much dedication and potential you can show to the world can be extremely difficult. It does not really matter if someone is a fashion model or a commercial model, either way, their journey to the top is one filled with uncountable obstacles and hardships. They end up auditioning for a hundred and getting rejected in ninety and yet, they do not give up. Models are expected to remain extremely physically fit and healthy and live even more disciplined lives than one can imagine. To become a successful model one has to remain consistently focused on the journey ahead without giving up.

A list based on many factors

This article on Asian models has been drawn and based on keeping in mind a lot of important factors. The readers can have a lot of questions regarding which Asian models are being considered in this article, what is the eligibility criteria that they have filled to be a part of this article, what are their achievements, and so on. Rest assured, all of these points and answers were kept in mind while making this list of Asian Models.

Top 10 Most Talented & Beautiful Asian Female Models

1. Ha Nui Lee

Asian Female Models | Ha Nui Lee

Nationality – South Korean

Age – 38 years old

She is also known as Honey Lee. Lee Hanee is famous for being a model, a classical musician, and a beauty pageant titleholder. She had potentially represented her country during the Global Miss Universe in the year 2007 and had won the third runner-up. Not to mention she has also appeared in several movies and television series.

2. Mahira Khan

Asian Female Models | Mahira Khan

Nationality –  Pakistani

Age –  36 years old

Mahira Hafeez Khan was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and started her debut career as a Video Jockey back in 2006. Best known for the portrayal of the role in MominaDuraid’sHumsafaras KhiradAshar, the series had received numerous accolades which included the Lux Style Award for the Best Television Actress & Asian Female Model.

3. Deepika Padukone

Asian Female Models | Deepika Padukone

Nationality – Indian

Age – 35 years old

An extremely talented Indian actress and producer, Deepika Padukone is at the moment one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bollywood industry. She has won three Filmfare awards and the Times had included her in the list of 100 most influential people in the world.

4. Zhang Ziyi

Asian Female Models | Zhang Ziyi

Nationality – Chinese

Age – 42 years old

She is famous for being an actress and a model and is considered under the Four Dan Actresses of China. Her role in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger opened her to international recognition. She starred in The Road Home and which was one of her major leading roles.

5. Fan Bingbing

Asian Female Models | Fan Bingbing

Nationality – Chinese

Age – 49 years old

Born in Qingdao, China, she is very well known for being an actress, a television producer,  a model, and a singer. Ever since 2013, she has been famous as one of the highest-paid celebrities on the Forbes China celebrity 100 lists.

6. Song Hye Koyo

Asian Female Models | Song Hye Koyo

Nationality – South Korean

Age – 39 years old

Her top and leading roles in the television drama series –Descendants of the Sun, Autumn in My Heart, Full House, That Winter, The Wind Blows, All In and Encounter gave her all over international recognition. At the age of 14, she made her debut as a model by winning a school uniform model competition.

7. Marian Rivera

Asian Female Models | Mariana Rivers

Nationality – Spanish-Filipino

Age – 36 years old

Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes is a popular model, producer, and commercial actress who has been well-known overtime for her major roles in the Golden Bibe, Super Inday, Marimar, Dyesebel, Darna, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.

8. Lee Si-Young

Asian Female Models | Lee Si-Young

Nationality – South Korean

Age – 39 years old

Previously known as an amateur female boxer at the champion level, Lee Si-young made her debut in the industry in the year 2008 television series –Urban Legends Déjà vu. In the next year, she became very famous with her roles in the popular dramas – Boys over Flowers and Loving You a Thousand Times.

9. Park Bo Young

Asian Female Models | Park Bo Young

Nationality – South Korean

Age – 31 years old

Park Bo Young made her debut in the short movie “Equal” when she was only in middle school. Even though she started really early, in between she was away from the industry for several years until her comeback in 2012 in the movie “A Werewolf Boy”.

10. Cinta Laura Kiehl

Asian Female Models | Cinta Laura Kiehl

Nationality – Indonesian-German

Age – 27 years old

Also simply known as Cinta Laura, she is a well-known actress, a model, and an electropop singer. She started her career back in 2007 and has since starred in many hit television series and movies. The Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection was only recently appointed s the ambassador of anti-violence against women and children.

Asian Female Models and their Lifestyle

The modeling industry is an extremely tough industry to break into and that is common knowledge for all. It has especially been even more difficult for Asian models who have come this far in this industry. Fortunately, times have changed and Asian models have made their difficult way through. The fame that these models have gained over time is truly theirs to have because of the strict and painstaking lifestyles that they have led throughout to be where they are.


Asian models are now the icons and the changing faces of the fashion and entertainment industry. They have successfully appeared on international shows, proudly representing their nations, and have been part of top universal fashion magazine covers and content. The diversity in the modeling industry has been an issue to talk about for a very long time but finally no more.

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