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Your favorite TV show is back on the hunt for a new host. Yes, Jeopardy! is flying through guest hosts and looking for a new face. Unfortunately, it seems that no matter who they choose, people have a problem with some part of the new guy or girl’s background. Here are some of the recent candidates and why people are not happy with each one. 

Alex Faust

Even before the death of Alex Trebek, Alex Faust’s name was tossed around as a potential successor. While he’s young, attractive, and has enough knowledge of the US Constitution and other hot topics to pull off the job, many people complain that his name isn’t well known enough. 

Laura Coates

Trebek himself mentioned Laura Coates as a potential successor because she’s bright and personable, and she already has experience on camera due to her career as CNN’s legal analyst. However, people have been unhappy with her recent Twitter posts about Trebek, where she shamelessly plugged herself in as still interested in his position. 

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ time as the Green Bay Packers quarterback hasn’t caused enough brain damage to wipe out all of his knowledge about historical backgrounds and current innovations. Still, it may take up a lot of his time during the day. People’s biggest complaint about Aaron Rodgers is that his football career will take too much time and detract from the show. 

Mayim Bialik

Many fans of the Big Bang Theory were excited when Sony hired Mayim Bialik to host many of the spinoffs but disappointed that her schedule was so busy. Like Rodgers, people are worried that taking the position as permanent host would detract from her performance on the show due to other commitments. 

Katie Couric

The former CBS Evening News anchor, Karie Couric, could be in the market for another job on the big screen. But, yet again, the people find problems with this name. Their biggest issue is that she didn’t do as good of a job as other hosts—the key names which the public threw out as far as doing better than her include Rodgers.

LeVar Burton

Out of all the candidates, LeVar Burton has the popular vote of the public and other celebrities. Given his experience hosting shows and how much he wants the position, he probably should be a top candidate in Sony’s eyes as well. That said, the public reported him as their least favorite guest host. Plus, the rating numbers he got while doing his thing as guest host made Sony pass him over, which makes people worried that he could be a little sour. 

Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings, the champ, is a great candidate as far as Sony is concerned. After all, the people loved him, and he got the best ratings when he guest-starred on the show. However, Jennings has a history of offensive comments that people are not happy about. 

Mike Richards

The recently chosen Mike Richards was the temporary host until people found out about some choice comments on his podcast in 2013 and 2014. After filming just five episodes, he stepped down from his position as the permanent host due to pressure from the public. Obviously he was liked as the ratings from his week of hosting were pretty good. As you can see, there are many recent potential candidates that Sony has looked at to replace Trebek as the permanent host of Jeopardy!. Of course, each of them comes with drawbacks in the public’s eyes, but they are all fully capable of performing the task well and continuing in Trebek’s footsteps.

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