The Top 5 Things To Look For In A Moving Company

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When planning a house move that requires using a moving company, there are various things to consider to ensure the best service. Hiring the wrong company for your needs can cause headaches and take the excitement out of a new start. By looking at a few crucial things, you should end up with the best moving company for your needs.


Researching customer reviews to find a company with a good reputation is an excellent way to start your search. If possible, ask people you know who’ve recently moved for their experiences and recommendations. Companies that have underperformed will be quickly called out, and you can ask questions about why a company was good or bad. You’ll soon get a feel for companies you’re comfortable approaching for a quote.

Do They Suit ALL Your Needs?

If you’re looking into shipping any vehicles during the moving process, consider if you want to hire a separate car shipping company or a company that can take vehicles and house contents. The beauty of choosing a shipping company that can handle everything is that you only track one delivery. Other items that may require extra attention range from large appliances to delicate antiques. When approaching moving companies, have a list of things you plan to move that may need additional attention so you can discuss how they’ll handle them.

Interstate Specialists

An interstate move will require a long-distance specialist, discounting intrastate movers from your shortlist. Choosing an interstate specialist will ensure there are no violations of FMCSA or varying state regulations. Unexpected fees for moving your worldly possessions will come as a nasty surprise if items are taken incorrectly across state lines. Using a proper interstate removals company ensures no nasty surprises while settling into your new home.


If you cannot move into your new home straight away for any reason, storage becomes a consideration. Then the decision is whether to find a removal company that offers storage facilities or use separate companies. A company that can move and store your possessions can make logistics easier to coordinate, making a move less stressful. If this isn’t an option, be aware that you may have to move your belongings in and out of storage yourself.


Using a cheap unlicensed moving company leaves you open to disappointment and loss. Correctly licensed removalists in the US must be registered with the Dept of Transport and given a USDOT number. Choosing a registered and insured business guarantees you’re using one that’s legally obligated to protect your belongings. Moving a small number of things across town will probably be okay undertaken by a small unlicensed outfit, but for a significant move of any distance, why risk it?

There are many things to consider when looking to hire a removals company. By considering the essential factors, the more minor details will fall into place, and you’ll avoid unexpected and unnecessary stresses allowing you to concentrate on settling into your new home.

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