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The Only Guide You Need To Maintain Your Vinyl Floor 

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If you’re looking for a fuss-free floor, then LVT is here to save the day. Durable, versatile and an all-rounder. Luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most popular choices in homes throughout the UK. But like all floors, LVT needs to be taken care of properly. Let’s take a look at the best methods to use when maintaining your floor. 

Cleaning your floor 

While vinyl requires minimal effort to upkeep, it’s good to know the quickest cleaning methods that won’t take ages. 

Use a soft-bristled sweeping brush to get up any bits of dust and dirt that may have come from outside. It’s best to place a mat in front of your doorway to avoid any unwanted nasties entering your home

If you accidentally spill red wine on your light vinyl floor, don’t panic. The best way to clean it up is to use a damp cloth and soapy water. Some flooring cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that might damage your floor. If you use shop-bought cleaning products, always check with your flooring supplier or buy their cleaning kit. To ensure your floor is dirt and dust-free, give it a quick vacuum. 

Advice on cleaning products

One question flooring suppliers get asked is, ‘What cleaners are safe for vinyl floors?

Most of us can’t afford to buy specialist cleaning products so, we often go to the supermarket and buy the best one there. You should familiarise yourself with your floor and how susceptible it is to damage. So, always check the label to see if any harsh chemicals might cause damage to your floor. Only use microfibre cloths as mops can sometimes carry sharp materials like stones that may scratch your floor. 

Removing stains 

Stains are a pain to get out, especially if it’s on your floor. You might think that using strong chemicals will get the floor out but that’s not necessarily always the case. For the best results, buy a specialist floor cleaner to remove any nasty stains like red wine. If it is above your budget, consider rubbing alcohol and vinegar to help lift the stain out. Be careful rubbing too hard as it may lift the colour out.

How to prevent stains from damaging your floor  

  • ALWAYS wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Vinyl flooring is stain-resistant but if a dark liquid is left there for some time, you will risk permanently staining the floor. 
  • If you have external doors, use a placemat to prevent any stones from outside damaging your floor. 
  • Wash your floor at least once a week for the best results. Remember to use a cleaner that isn’t full of harsh chemicals. 
  • Dust, sweep and vacuum regularly. 
  • When moving heavy furniture, you should put felt pads underneath to prevent your floor from scratching.

Overall, LVT flooring is one of the easiest floors to install. Do you have your own cleaning tips that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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