Russell Meiselman- An Entity Constantly Trying to Fetch Change

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A third-party service provider offering you a low cost, global expansion, and higher productivity for your business; would you hire them? Well, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is what you are looking for. BPO has gained immense popularity in the past few years because companies now rely on it to bid to cut costs yet maneuver efficiently. According to recent statistics,57% of companies use BPO to focus on complex issues, operations, and activities, and 54% of companies have hired BPO to communicate with their consumers.

But BPO comes with loopholes, such as security and safety issues, hidden costs, and companies’ overdependence. So, in the modern world, there is a dire need for companies with experienced professionals who can provide services with maximum benefits. While searching for such efficient companies, Clark Staff LLC turns out to be the best in the business.

Russell Meiselman founded Clark Staff LLC., one of the leading BPO companies operating worldwide, including Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, India, Georgia, El Salvador, Mexico, and New Zealand. With 60 years of experience, this Philippines-based company is known for its extensive services, such as administration, helping companies build, manage, and grow their remote teams worldwide.

What sets Clark Staff apart from its contemporaries? Well, the answer lies in their innovative tactics and mechanism. Price is one factor; the Clark Staff offers 10-20% cheaper service than other BPO companies despite working in such a competitive market. The other vital aspects of the company are commitment, partnership with renowned businesses, and technology-driven policies. Clark Staff is partnered with multiple small and medium-sized companies. It assists clients in collaborating with highly skilled people that only large firms and the Fortune 500 can afford.

Security is the most prevalent problem of hiring BPO services, and it has caused cybersecurity mayhem in the past. To avoid this, Clark Staff operates with high-tech systems that encapsulate cloud-based infrastructure, fiber optic lines, dialer systems, CRMs, data security systems, and advanced automation.

While serving in BPO, Meiselman indulges in many other businesses, such as hospitability, lead generation, and the fitness sector. Still, his most notable exertion is his efforts for the community. Coming from a relatively middle-class family, Meiselman has the tenacity to understand the plight of the poor.

In collaboration with Clark Staff, Meiselman founded CO Stars. The company is enthusiastic about providing high-quality education to disadvantaged poor kids. CO Stars offers support, including academic scholarships, mentoring programs, and access to educational resources. CO Stars organize numerous events and programs to inspire and motivate these children, such as career seminars and leadership workshops.

Meiselman began his philanthropic work with Eymard, the son of a single mother who works as a cemetery caretaker. As a part of the CO Stars program, Meiselman sends a monthly stipend to Eymard’s family so he can continue his academics. Meisel man’s message to the world is:

“Some of the most intelligent and ambitious people I have met in the Philippines live in a shack on the side of the road. Where you live and the clothes you wear should not dictate if you are deserving of an education or a chance to strive. We will not stand by and let the socioeconomic status quo hold down a potential star. One of these kids is likely to change the world as we know it. It starts with us; it begins in the communities we live and work in.”

Most of Meiselman’s major clients are currently sponsoring CO Stars; however, they aspire to increase the number of CO Stars they have. His plan is to sponsor premium education for diligent students from school to university and enable the Filipino next-generation to be financially independent, acquire the best quality of life, and make opportunities for themselves.

No matter how much revenue a company generates yearly, its contribution to society matters. Meiselman believes in bringing prosperity and changes into the community to develop a substantial life. He wants the next generation of Filipinos to create a better imminent for themselves and the generations to follow. He has contributed to various charitable organizations and supported numerous causes, including education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. With his companies, humanitarian activities, and futuristic approaches, Meiselman constantly tries to create an ameliorated world.

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