Prepared Food Photos Inc.– Taking Legal Actions Against Photography Infringement

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Copyright infringement is unlawful. For that reason, Prepared Food Photos Inc. has partnered with Copycat Legal to protect its valuable images as intellectual property.

The proliferation of digital platforms and the widespread use of social media have enabled malicious actors to perpetrate photography infringement without regard for others’ legal rights. These cyberbullies colluding with infringers, utilize the anonymity of the internet to disseminate falsehoods about their victims without their knowledge or consent, causing emotional duress and, in some cases, there can be legal ramifications.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to track the perpetrator to ensure the removal of the infringed photo from the web, leaving victims vulnerable to continued exploitation. As such, copyright holders must be cognizant of online activity maligning their reputations and business models so they can make informed decisions and reduce their exposure to these potential risks.

Photography infringement occurs when an individual or organization uses a photograph without obtaining a license or permission from the photographer. This type of copyright violation is a serious unlawful offense and can lead to costly legal action.

To prevent such infringement, photographers should register their works with the U.S. Copyright Office and take proactive steps to monitor the use of their photographs online. In many cases, a disclaimer about the ownership of any image downloaded from the internet is displayed as part of the unlawful download process, informing the company or individual that proper licensing is required before using any image in connection with their business.  Sadly, these notifications and warnings go unheeded in many instances.

If a person is a photographer and his or her creative property is swiped and utilized without their permission, it can be unbelievably exasperating. The best way to protect self-owned photographs is to register them with the U.S. Copyright Office. This registration puts the public on notice that the person owning the photographs is claiming the images’ ownership.

Additionally, one can also use digital watermarks, copyright notice statements, and other tools to protect their work. Lastly, it is important to be aware of the laws related to copyright infringement and the protections afforded by such registration, which include the right to take legal action against any infringers, if necessary. 

This legal action is necessary and justifiable to protect one’s Intellectual Property, just as a food photography company named Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has been doing. 


There is no doubt that many individuals exploit the photos of other people, despite understanding what they are doing is unquestionably unlawful. It is the obligation of the photographer, as a professional, to go the extra mile to secure the rights to photographs through official federally defended copyrights.

A person or business who illicitly utilizes copyrighted photographs for commercial purposes commits an unlawful act. When photographers are compelled to protect their intellectual property from improper use, cyberbullies are quick to persecute them online through various techniques to discourage them from safeguarding their statutory rights.

Standing for the protection of legal rights, Prepared Food Photos, Inc. took legal action against photography infringement to the next level. While doing so, the company came across different types of cyberbullying and innumerable instances where stolen photographs, exhibited for use to paid subscribers on the company’s official website, have been and are currently being used unlawfully. 

For more than four decades, Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has been providing professional food photography.  A subscription to the company’s website lawfully allows access to thousands of high-resolution photographs of many kinds of raw and ready-made food. The idea behind the company is that effective food photography is a great way to promote a company’s brand.

Food retailers can earn increasing rewards for using an online platform to license professionally created photography in the promotion and branding of their business. As a result, offers a huge collection of fully licensed food photographs and stylized pictures designed particularly for supermarkets, grocery wholesalers, and advertising agencies. Unfortunately, the company has been made the target of cyberbullies while, at the same time, an estimated 75% of’s annual revenues are lost to pirated images. 

The corporation has been forced to hire numerous law firms over the years to fight this photography infringement war to make headway on the otherwise impossible task of tracking down thousands of infringers. Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has been collaborating with the lawyers at Copycat Legal LLC, a South Florida-based intellectual property law firm, for the past 1.5 years to safeguard the company’s priceless copyrighted content. The company is noticing a difference in how infringers are being discouraged from continuing financial harm against the company, all thanks to the efforts and expertise of Copycat Legal LLC.

To protect someone’s original work, the creator is legally entitled to copyright protections. However, being protected versus having the right to protection are not the same. Thus, the Prepared Food Photos’ Intellectual Property Protection Program was established to track down violators and hold them accountable for their offenses with the assistance of Copycat Legal, LLC. In addition, Copycat Legal LLC can assist Photographers in registering intellectual property with the U.S. Copyright Office, prosecute violators vigorously, and aid in preventing further violations.

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