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Mistakes to Avoid While Using Hair Extensions for a Beginner

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Hair extensions are a great way to provide instant length and volume. People with short hair can also use them as a temporary solution by tying the extensions at their scalp and hiding them under their natural hair.

According to reports, the global hair extension market was worth $2.38 billion in 2018.

However, despite the number of people who get extensions every year, many women still get things wrong. Some have to remove the extensions soon after getting those, while others find they do not suit the extension.

You are not alone in who has done these things. The following article will explain the mistakes to avoid while using a ponytail extension.

1) Buying Low-quality Hair and Cheap Tools

When it comes to your extensions, you should invest in high-quality hair. The last thing one wants is to spend a lot of money and then get extensions that do not last. Always get it from a supplier whom you can trust. They can offer advice on the type of hair that will suit your skin color and face type.

Caring for extensions requires special tools. At the same time, this is not an excuse to buy expensive devices such as crimping irons and curling wands. Most extensions come with instructions on care, so it is best to stick with the basics.

2) Forgetting about Upkeep

The right products can keep your extensions looking great for a long time. However, you must treat them as a part of your daily routine.

Some of the hair extensions caring products are explained below:

a) Washing Extensions

You can keep your extensions in great shape by washing them regularly. However, you should only use products specifically designed for hair extensions. If you are unsure about the product, ask your hair supplier for particular recommendations.

b) Applying Protectant Products

Some extensions can be damaged by the essential oils and other chemicals found in some shampoo. Use a protectant conditioner to keep them safe from any harm. You should read the label before applying any particular product to your hair.

c) Avoid Heat and Chemicals

Using tools such as hair dryers and curling irons can damage your ponytail extension beyond repair. You have to avoid them as much as possible. If you must use heat, do so at a low temperature. When using chemicals, apply them to the roots of your natural hair first to check for any type of allergic reaction.

d) Avoiding Overuse

In addition to heat and chemicals, you should also avoid using extensions too often. Using them every day will wear them out quickly. You might end up replacing them after a month or two. There is no need to use extensions more than once a week unless you are going to an event that requires a specific hairstyle.

3) Choosing the Wrong Type of Extensions

You should choose extensions that match your hair type and color. Human hair extensions are available in various colors, lengths, and textures.

You can also get synthetic or blended collections. For example, you may want to blend human hair with synthetic hair for a smoother and more effortless style.

4) Not Cutting the Tabs Off Extensions

Some extensions come with clear plastic tabs on both ends that you should cut off before wearing them. Failure to do so will create bumps that ruin your hairstyle. The tabs are also not suitable for all types of hair, so always check them before purchasing for future use.

5) Not Tying Your Extensions

Some women believe that tying hair extensions is unnecessary, but the truth is quite different. For them to look natural and conceal your real hair, you must tie them securely at all times. You can also cover up with a scarf or hat on hot days when wearing your extensions full time is not recommended.

6) Not Maintaining Them

If you desire your extensions to last longer on you and look great, you must maintain them properly. Always read the label and follow your supplier’s instructions on cleaning and storing them. If necessary, ask for their professional advice on caring for your extensions at all times.

7) Not Asking about the Lifespan

Extensions usually last anywhere between four months and two years, depending on various factors such as how often you are using those and how well you are looking after them. The lifespan of your extensions depends on many factors. For example, if you take good care of your natural hair and extensions, they will look great for a more extended period.

8) Not Getting the Right Clip-In Extensions

You should work with a reputable supplier who can advise on which extensions to use and how to use those. For example, clip-in extensions are one of the most versatile types of hair enhancements around today. However, they might not be suitable for a beginner.

These are some pitfalls to avoid while buying hair extensions.

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