6 Side Job Ideas for Stay at Home Parents in 2023

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Our world has certainly changed over the past few years and more people are discovering that working from home can be the best option for busy families.

Even if your main job allows you to leave home, it never hurts to have additional income streams available to you. Here are 6 side job ideas for stay-at-home parents in 2023.

1) Virtual Assistant

As an early childhood educator, you already have all the skills necessary to be a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants must be organized, have computer skills, and be able to juggle multiple tasks at the same time.

Data entry, appointment scheduling, or even managing social media accounts all fall into a virtual assistant’s job description and these jobs pay considerably in our digital age.

Virtual assistants have become more valuable to businesses of all types and there is really no limit to what you can make. Best of all, you can work on your own schedule.

2) Freelance Writing

Blogging, press releases, and website content are no longer managed by in-house teams of writers, but by average citizens working as freelance writers.

Freelance writing can be a highly attractive job, especially for someone already affiliated with the education field. It provides you with the opportunity to learn about different things each day without being tied down to one subject.

Freelance writing allows you to work anywhere you have an internet connection and at any time of the day, so it can be the perfect side job for someone looking to boost their revenue stream.

3) Online Tutoring

Teachers today must be adapted to various cultures and being bilingual is almost a requirement, especially in early education. Communication with your students is essential to facilitate proper learning and online teaching jobs are becoming more and more coveted.

We live in a world where online tutor jobs are essential in many areas that are required to teach virtually. For educators that are already bilingual, online tutoring jobs are relatively easy to find. Online tutoring can free up your schedule as sessions only last for an average of 1 hour at a time, so you can choose when and where you place sessions according to your individual scheduling needs., for example, is an online tutoring platform delivering over 100 subjects to adult and child students 1v1 or in groups. No specific qualifications are required, and the average pay range is $10-38.90 / hour.

4) Proofreading

Grammar enthusiasts can point out grammatical errors with pinpoint accuracy and if you tend to notice grammar issues while browsing online, why not put that skill to use?

Proofreading is essential for any online or written publication. Putting those skills to work is not only a way to hone your abilities, but also helps companies of all types put forth a better appearance in their posts, blogs, and all publications.

Proofreading is a great side job for busy parents. Once the children are asleep for the night or between activities, it just takes a few moments of concentration to proofread an article. Although you will have to invest a little more time in reading longer pieces, proofreading is something you can certainly do while on the go or at any point during your day.

5) Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists can work from anywhere and early childhood educators can excel in this field as it offers the most flexibility possible. Most transcriptionists work on hourly rates and it is not just about legal or medical transcribing.

There are opportunities for transcriptionists in a variety of different fields. Attention to detail is essential for this line of work, but the fact that most companies now train new recruits can ease your mind about the notion of starting something different.

Transcriptionists generally start out small, but the work can grow according to your needs, so if and when you have more time, you can certainly make plenty of extra money.

6) Online Sales

Selling online was once very complicated, but with the vast interest in dropshipping and various other shipping opportunities, you no longer need to amass a huge inventory of merchandise to become a quality salesperson.

Online sales avenues have endless opportunities for growth and expansion and for those looking to simply have a side job for an additional revenue stream, it can be a great investment. With online sales, you can promote and sell items you choose giving you the flexibility to evolve your sales regimen as you see fit.

A singular job may not offer the ideal life you want to live. Sometimes, we must expand our income in order to substantiate a better life for ourselves and those we care about.

The digital world has opened up endless opportunities to increase learning and ultimately expand your financial goals. If you have been seeking a side job or two to fill in some time and make extra money, these might help.

A side job does not require the same level of time and attention your regular career does, so it gives you an opportunity to work when you want to.

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