Is Soft Cheese the Same as Cream Cheese | Know the Differences

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Cheese is a prevailing ingredient in the kitchen.

If you are baking or making a sandwich, you can enhance its taste of it by adding some cheese. Amongst various cheese types is soft and cream cheese. Sometimes, these two types of cheese are confusing and you might think is soft cheese the same as cream cheese?

Soft cheese is not the very same as cream cheese. Cream cheese is a category of soft cheese. If you beat cream cheese, you will get a similar texture to whipped cheese. It is sweeter and fluffier. Soft cheese is better for you but you can find cream cheese in most sweet dishes such as red velvet cakes, and cupcakes.

The distinction among various types of soft cheese may seem inconsequential to the untrained and unskilled eye. But, to the trained eyes, it is distinct. To a professional, both types of cheese have different properties and you will make the best if you do not interchange their uses.

This article will discuss the different characteristics of cream and soft cheese and all you need to know.

Is soft cheese the very same as cream cheese?

Soft cheese is made from raw milk from cows, goats, or sheep without any natural preservatives. On the other hand, cream cheese is made from milk and cream containing artificial stabilizers meant for fresh consumption.

But yes, cream cheese is called soft cheese. There are various types of soft cheese can be found worldwide such as Gorgonzola, cottage cheese, and ricotta. No other cuisine can compare the flavor of this unique soft cheese.

Lactic acid bacteria are the source of the cream cheese that is often heavy in fat and also spreadable. Like apple pie, cream cheese was invented in America in the late 1800s. in contrast to soft cheese, cream cheese is not naturally ripened. You can’t have the intention to intake cream cheese fresh.

Is soft cheese similar to cream cheese?

Most grocery stores carry cream cheese and which is a white textured creamy cheese. If you type “cream cheese” in the UK, the search result in most of the sites will pull up soft cheese and Philadelphia. Since it is sold worldwide, Philadelphia is the most well-known cheese brand.  On its packaging, Philadelphia cheese is also labeled as “cream cheese”.

In the United Kingdom, cream cheese theoretically has a fat content of 55% which is why the country prefers to refer to it as soft white cheese. Made with milk and cream, Philadelphia Original’s creamy taste experience a delicious soft cheese for the whole family to enjoy. Philadelphia is extremely versatile if you are using it for baking an indulgent cheesecake or spreading it on top of smoked salmon.

Is Soft Cheese the Same as Cream Cheese

Can you use soft cheese as an alternative to cream cheese?

It will depend on the preparation that you going to make. Yes, you can use cream cheese instead of soft cheese.  Because of the extra moisture contain in the soft cream, first, you need to whip the soft cheese variety. Whipping the cheese will lighten the texture of the soft cheese and it will feel like cream cheese.

You can use mascarpone cheese as a substitute for cream cheese. It is rich, soft, and creamier than any other soft cheese type. The Mascarpone can replace the characteristics of cream cheese but never the opposite way around.

You can also use other soft cheese such as Cheese cottage, ricotta, Sour cream, hummus, and Neufchatel. But, you need to keep in mind that these substitutes have a slightly different texture and taste than cream cheese. You need to whip them to get the cream cheese texture type.

What is the key difference between cream cheese and soft cheese?

The major difference between soft and cream cheese is the manufacturing procedure and ingredients. Soft cheese is made from milk from cows, sheep, and goats that have been aged for a longer period to enrich its flavor.

Whereas, cream cheese is made from milk and cream and stabilizers are used to make the cream cheese instead of fermentation.

You can consume soft cheese fresh, but you cannot eat cream cheese fresh. Cream cheese does not have a natural maturity and it uses lactic acid to enrich its tang taste.

Cream cheese contains less moisture lesser than that contains in soft cheese. Soft cheese also has lesser fat content than that is in cream cheese.

Soft cheese matures naturally by fermentation whereas, cream cheese needs to go through artificial maturity procedures with stabilizers.


What is the best cheese to use for cheesecake?

Ans: Cream cheese will be the best one for making cheesecake. The cream cheese makes a particularly lush and silky cheesecake.

What is another name for soft cheese?

Ans: Some common types of soft cheese are- Ricotta, feta, Cream cheese, Gorgonzola, Chevre, and cottage cheese. All these cheese contains a special tangy creaminess that no other food imparts.


Cheese is of the most essential kitchen ingredients that are used in the making of different food items. Its diversity in food dishes makes it as popular as milk. There are various types of cheese, giving you different food textures, and flavors. But the cream cheese and soft cheese are more confusing.

Because of the similarity factors in both cheese types, you may get confused thinking both are the same. Yes, cream cheese is a type of soft cheese but they are not technically the same. This article has almost cleared all the doubts regarding soft cheese and cream cheese.

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