How to Play Tic Tac Toe?

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A few games are extremely fun despite being super simple and not needing any equipment to play.

Tic tac toe is one of those games as it is remarkably easy to prepare in any place and can be played with the simple memorization of a few rules. The first thing to appreciate regarding this game must be that it is a zero-sum game. Zero games are highly competitive and rely on both players’ performance.

It is a zero-sum game because the two players can cancel each other out if they have similar behavior and intellect while playing it. To win it, you really have to outsmart your opponent.

Let us learn more about this game and how you can play tic tac toe and win.

How is the game played?

You can play tic tac Toe by understanding the simple board it plays on and how all the rules operate.

To play tic tac toe, you will require a board of 9 boxes arranged in 3 rows. Which makes it three boxes in one row. You will see that this creates a cubicle structure with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal pathways.

Now your work in this game is to be the first to arrange three symbols (crosses or circles) through one row.

Therefore, these symbols can be arranged vertically, horizontally, and diagonally as well, the only criteria being they have to be uninterrupted by the symbol of your opponent.

There, your partner will try their best to place their symbols in between your symbol so that you cannot create an uninterrupted chain, and they will try to do it first. Therefore you will have to interrupt them with your symbols as well.

How do you start the game?

One player chooses the circle, and the other player chooses the cross. Anyone player can go first. You can either choose this randomly or toss a coin for it. Each player gets one chance alternatively to fill one of the nine boxes with their symbol.

As mentioned before, the main idea is to place the symbols in such a way that you can have an interrupted chain of three symbols across one row. It would be best if you defeated them in this game.

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe

What do you need in terms of playing tic tac toe?

All you require is to play tic tac Toe. It is one of the reasons why this game is so famous and displayed in a wide variety of areas.

All the materials needed for tic tac Toe are one or two pens and paper.

  • Procure the materials – one or two pens and a piece of paper
  • Form the 3×3 grade on the paper to act as your tic tac toe board.
  • Toss a coin to settle the fact as to which player will go first. You can also use any other decision method or have one of you go randomly.

And that’s it! That is all you need to create the perfect tic-tac-toe game setting, and you can start playing immediately.

Tips and tricks to do better at tic tac Toe

When you play tic-tac-toe, getting one-up on your opponent every step of the way is crucial. How can you perform well in a tic-tac-toe game? It is how:

Make it less obvious where you are going to place your next symbol

Usually, your opponent can tell by your first and second move the exact location where you will place your third symbol. You can make it a lot less obvious by using mental deviations for your opponent, so they don’t figure out your next move.

Occupy the center of the diagonal corners of the board

A well-known strategy to win when you play tic tac toe is to occupy the center of the board. So definitely start with doing this if you are the player going first since, in this way, you will have the most chances of fulfilling the objective.

If the other player has gone first and already occupied the center, then it is your job to occupy the next best position, one of the four diagonal corners.

Practice a lot

Like most games, the more you practice, the better you will get at playing tic tac Toe. You can practice with the computer through the many available online games, making you perform even better since the computer is usually smarter than the human mind in games like these.

Use the three-corner strategy.

The three corners strategy is great in placing your first three symbols at the three corners of the board. This way, you give your opponent much less chance to block you while fully filling your objective of creating a row of uninterrupted symbols.

Create more than one loophole

If you can use your intellectual capacities to create two means of winning simultaneously, your opponent will only be able to stop you if they can only place one symbol at one chance.

It is one of the most offensive and commonly deployed mechanisms of creating an uninterrupted row of symbols and winning the tic tac to the game.

Advantages of playing this game

It sharpens the brain.

Playing tic tac Toe regularly definitely sharpens the brain to a great extent.

You become aware not only of how to play a single game in various ways but also become equally aware of human behavior in competitive situations by looking at your opponent and understanding what is going on in their heads.

Lightly competitive game to play with friends

It is a lightly competitive game to play with your friends, and therefore it can increase your bonding and your admiration for each other. It is a great way to release stress and negative emotions in relationships and healthily create a stress-free environment.

Reduces boredom

You can enjoy this game anywhere. All you need for it are pens and paper. This way, it really reduces feelings of boredom and the irritation and frustration caused by it.

In today’s highly digitalized world, playing games like tic tac Toe when you have nothing to do is much better socially and physically than mindlessly surfing the Internet on your phone.

It can be played as a warm-up for chess.

Tic tac Toe is simple yet employs similar mechanisms to other more complicated zero-sum games such as chess. That is why many people use simple games such as tic tac to warm up for the more complicated matches in their lives in games such as chess.

Help make new friends.

Hindi tic tac Toe has been at least the reason once or twice for making really great friends on a lifelong basis. It helps reduce awkwardness between people who have met only rarely and helps to laugh and learn together, increasing the value and depth of an acquaintance.


Is tic tac toe a complex game?

Tic tac toe requires virtually no equipment and is one of the most simple games in terms of its board and rules. The game’s difficulty is directed by the relative intellectual capacities of both players.

Can we play tic tac Toe on Google?

Many software opponent-based tic tac toe games are available on the Internet and the Play Stores that you can download for practice.

Should I opt for the circle or the cross?

Which symbol you opted for does not make any difference while playing this game. The difference lies in where you place the symbol and how you handle the developments of the opponent.


Play tic tac Toe to your heart’s content, no matter your age. This game is good for youngsters and older adults alike. It sharpens the brain at any age and is a healthy way to relieve stress and other negative emotions.

Try to play with multiple opponents, so you don’t get too used to the behavioral patterns of the player you are playing with.

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