How to Make Him Feel Special In a Long-Distance Relationship

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Yes, I agree that maintaining a long-distance relationship is too hard. With limited physical presence, you only rely upon the mental presence of your partner.

Moreover, a long-distance relationship only works out through chats or video calls. Above all, time plays a crucial role in long-distance relationships. 

However, there are various ways beyond your imagination that you can make your long-distance boyfriend feel special.  You may think it impossible to keep that spark alive from so far, but believe me there are plenty of ways. 

So, if you are looking for the ways that you can take to make him feel special in a long-distance love then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to reveal some of the best creative tips, tricks, and ideas that will leave him feeling more cared for than ever!

7 Ideas to Make Him Feel Special In a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Surprise your Boyfriend with his Favorite Food Right at his door:

Long-Distance Relationship

Who does not like their meal for free?

One way to make your long-distance boyfriend feel special is by sending him his favorite food through a delivery service app.

Because of the advancement of technology, food delivery apps are much more efficient than ever and allow you to order food for your long-distance boyfriend right to his door.

You can choose the food items that he likes more and you can leave a note while ordering it. I can assure you that it will make his day, especially when he is too much busy with work.

This will let your boyfriend think that you are very concerned about him and make him feel extra special.

2. Give your Boyfriend a Special Shoutout on Social media:

If you tell the world about someone you love, it is the best feeling ever. I can promise you it will make your boyfriend feel special.

When you are in a long-distance relationship, social media is the most convenient way to do this. Since on social media, you have the biggest audience, your boyfriend just feels like he is everything to you.

However, you need to choose the perfect social media platform, I recommend you choose Instagram. You just pick some of the cutest pics with your boyfriend and create a post or story.

With the help of the app, you can pair it with the cutest stickers, tags, and edits that suit your personality. It will just make him feel that you want to show the whole world that you are together.

It is a small but significant gesture, and we all know that caring about the little things is what makes a long-distance relationship work.

3. Send Your Boyfriend a Lovebox:

Long-Distance Relationship

If you have not heard about the Lovebox yet, just discover the best and most unique idea. If you gift a Lovebox to your boyfriend as an anniversary gift, or Valentine’s Day gift, or a birthday gift; this will make him feel so special.

The Lovebox is a messaging device that is paired with an app on your phone and lets you send messages, photos, or stickers to your boyfriend. This thing makes him realize that you are missing him now and then.

Your partner can locate the Lovebox on the inside of a lovely wooden box with a heart on the outside that spins. Also, it sends a waterfall of hearts to your boyfriend’s phone Lovebox app. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Consider writing a surprise Email:

If writing a letter makes you feel lots of hassle, and also you are not able to maintain it properly then you can consider writing surprising emails.

This is one of the best romantic things that you can do for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 

Perhaps, you regularly access your email, so just wish him a good day mail. It will bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face, for sure! Men can not express their emotions, so you need to take up the task seriously.

You can send him some romantic letters, or some exciting emails. So, just do this cute thing for your boyfriend and express your love towards him.

5. End of the Day call:

Long-Distance Relationship

As much as you want an end-of-the-day call, he also wants that. To call at the end of the day and ask him how was the day is one of the cutest things that you can do for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship.

This way, you can make him realize that you are there with him and that the love for you remains alive in his heart. You must not leave your boyfriend unattended for longer days. it might make him feel insecure, and things may go nasty.

So, to avoid any negative things happening in your relationship, you must make constant calls at the end of the day.

6. Send Him Some Surprise Gifts:

Most girlfriends are looking for the answer to how to make him feel special in a long-distance relationship, and I think the answer is very simple.

Surprise him. You can send your boyfriend some surprise gifts. it can be any of his favorite pieces such as a wallet, perfume, a  watch, or anything that he likes.

Also, you must remember all the special days of his life and ensure he gets surprise gifts on those dates. Surprising gifting makes your boyfriend feel so special.

Also, he can realize that you always care for him and love him unconditionally.

7. Arrange for a Video Date:

Long-Distance Relationship

If you think that you both can not meet soon, then just make a plan for a video date. It will be a special, it will be a memorable date. These small moments are worth cheering for. 

Don’t let distance come between you both and be creative about such a date. Express love for him!


How do I make my long-distance guy feel so special?

Ans: There are an array of things that you can do for your boyfriend to make him feel special, These include ordering him food, sending him a playlist, texting him encouraging messages, calling him at the end of the day, and more.

How Do I show My Man My Love in a Long distance relationship?

Ans: Long distance relationships are harder to maintain, but you can follow some ways to express love and affection towards your man. These include maintaining regular communication, sending surprise gifts, writing love letters for him, and so on.


Maybe your partner has just moved to another city far from your native place. Because of the distance in between you two, the spark of the love may gradually become colder. So, there arise various challenges to keeping the spark of your relationship remain alive.

However, there are various ways that you can take to make him realize that you love him unconditionally despite the distance between you. Here, in this article, I have mentioned a few of the things that you can follow to make him feel special in a long-distance relationship. Just follow these trips and build the strongest bond ever!

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