10 Best Food Delivery Apps in London

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Over the last few years, the popularity of food delivery apps in London has been growing significantly.

The hectic life schedule that most of the residents of London have now influenced this significant demand for these food delivery apps. 

The number of people who prepares their meal at home is decreasing vastly. So, in this case, the only way out is to buy food at a restaurant or a café.

But after a heavier schedule, most of us don’t prefer to go to a restaurant and eat out. It’s now more convenient to have meals delivered to your home at any time. And it’s also worth mentioning that food delivery apps are the best solution as it is easier to make an order through the apps using your smartphone.

There are so many food delivery apps available in London that you can get confused to choose the most impressive one.

Here in this article, we have gathered the 10 best food delivery apps in London that deserve your attention:

Food Delivery Apps in London

Why food delivery apps are in trend?

The online food delivery market is continuously transforming the traditional concept of the local food market in London. More and more restaurant owners are focusing on providing online services to boost their sales.

It is because during the pandemic some popular food delivery apps have experienced a larger growth in the installation of the app, the most active users are from London.

Nowadays, doorstep food delivery services have become a significant revenue stream in the London food market. This could happen due to the advancement of technologies that users don’t need to step out of their homes to order their food.

Besides the consumers, the owners are also able to avail similar opportunities as they can make more revenue without any geolocation barrier.

As per the report, in the previous year, 28% of the consumers in the UK ordered more food for delivery, and more than 50% of the orders took place via online channels. Some ingenious trends are making online food delivery reliable and faster:

  • Food is delivered directly from the cafe or restaurant.
  • Grocery items can be ordered only by clicking.
  • One of the coolest trends in online food delivery by drone
  • One of the innovative trends in online food delivery by robots.
  • One of the most prominent trends is contactless online food delivery.

10 best food delivery apps in London

There are various food delivery apps in London and choosing the best might be challenging. We have compiled here the 10 best food delivery apps that are free to download:


Food Delivery Apps in London

Over the last six years, the Deliveroo app has evolved from a simple concept to the best food delivery app in London.

Amazon also believes in this app. It is the most profitable and successful start-up unicorn in London. More than 10,000 UK cafes and restaurants are working with Deliveroo.

Delivery uses machine learning algorithms that can search for the shorter route and reduce the time to deliver the food.

This app is accessed by more than 4500 UK-based people daily to order food online. If you want food quickly, this app is enough to fulfill your need.

Just Eat:

Food Delivery Apps in London

Just Eat is an online food delivery app in London; it acts as a mediator between consumers and restaurants. This app has expanded its existence throughout many countries.

Just Eat enables consumers to search for a local restaurant, and this app lets customers either pick up or the delivery option of their choice.

Between 2013-2018 this app experiences an enormous peak in its sales. And according to some UK people, Just Eat is the best food delivery app in the UK.


Food Delivery Apps in London

This app will allow you to find a preferred restaurant in your area and place an order. It has more than 10000 partnering restaurants’ isn’t it so impressive?

The placed orders are processed by the restaurants and delivered to the consumers by their couriers with a comparatively smaller charge.

Its prompt service and reputation have made it a significant place in the London food delivery market.


Food Delivery Apps in London

Another best food delivery app in London is Quiqup. This company has invested a lot of money in technological developments.

It sells not only food but also a variety of things. You can choose an on-demand or same-day delivery option and you will receive your orders by the company’s courier at the time you choose.

This app is continuously trying to expand both domestically and globally.


Food Delivery Apps in London

Users of London also prefer to order online food by using the Zomato food delivery app. The consumers like the app’s user design and they can read the customers ‘reviews before making an order.

Besides, Zomato is the most popular food savings app in London, the particular Zomato gold program lets you access the best prices and offers.

It always focuses to deliver the best meal to the consumers so that it can be the best food delivery app in London.

Food Hub:

Food Delivery Apps in London

If you want to order from the nearest café or restaurant then you can use the Food Hub app. This app lets you order and also get your ordered meal free of cost. This feature is so appealing to you. Isn’t it?

Many people in London believe that Food Hob is the best app in the UK as it has a variety of cuisines.


Food Delivery Apps in London

Jinn is another well-known app in London. It goes well beyond simply delivering food to a restaurant.

Self-employed couriers that work for the enterprise will provide you with anything that you want from the local retailers.

Many consumers prefer this app because of its simple design and low costs.

As the couriers are among the fastest globally, they can deliver your food within minutes.

Domino’s Pizza:

Food Delivery Apps in London

In London, it’s not possible to hear someone who hasn’t heard about Domino’s pizza. Pizza is a dish of one’s choice and it has become the trend nowadays.

This app lets you place an order for a Pizza and also you can personalize it.

This London food delivery app’s user-friendly layouts enable you to create your dream pizza in just a few minutes and will be delivered to you within an hour. You can pay in various methods to the company.


Food Delivery Apps in London

Talabat is one of the most popular food delivery apps in London. Talabat has a partnership with more than 500 restaurants and cafes. Because of its fast service, Talabat is winning the hearts of the Uk people.

Talabat has achieved huge popularity in London and if you want to make a quick bite, no doubt this app is going to be the best app for you.

Uber Eats:

Food Delivery Apps in London

You can download this app if you want to purchase food online in London. Uber has already gained enormous popularity as a driving service in London.

Further, Uber Eats has a partnership with some best restaurants and cafes in London. It comes with an order scheduling feature; and thanks to the use of innovative GPScreate that enables you to track your food order in London.

Advantages and disadvantages of food delivery apps

Let’s keep an eye on the benefits and the drawbacks of food delivery apps:


  • Customers can enjoy their desired food at their doorstep without stepping out of their homes.
  • Parents and old people who are unable to cook food can order food online and feed their whole family within an hour.
  • Consumers can explore more different restaurants as these food delivery apps work without any geological barrier.
  • Restaurants can experience more sales and revenue as they are connected to new consumers regularly.
  • With the emergence of the internet, consumers and restaurants can interact with each other even when the weather isn’t cooperating.
  • Now consumers can purchase a wide range of cuisines including healthier options from their favorite local restaurants.


  • Consumers are forgoing the restaurant’s environment and interacting with dining cultures.
  • Online food delivery is most costly as they charge reservation fees, fees for crowded areas, gratuity for the delivery person, etc.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to order the food online as well as to be delivered to them.


What is the most favored food delivery app in the UK?

Ans: JustEat is the most popular food delivery app in the UK. The company processed 264 million orders and raised its revenue to 2.78 billion euros from 2.6 billion euros in half of 2022.

Which is the cheapest food delivery app in the UK?

Ans: Uber Eats is the cheapest food delivery app in the UK. If you become an UBER One member, then you can avail some discounts on ordering its items. This app has approximately 81 million users.

Who uses food delivery apps the most?

Ans: As per studies, it has shown that the younger generation and young adults are the ones who use the most food delivery apps. Further, a consumer who earns less income is more likely to use food delivery apps.


Online food delivery apps are more advantageous for both the establishments as well as the customers. Consumers can expand their gastronomic horizons by exploring new restaurants and supporting the restaurants in approaching new consumers.

In this article, we have gathered the best food delivery apps that have a high chance of becoming helpful to you. These apps let you enjoy your delicious meal at your doorstep within some time. Choose the best Food Delivery Apps in London for you!

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