How to Decide Between a Cat and a Dog

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If you have ever thought about getting a pet, the likelihood is that you’ve deliberated between a cat and a dog. Some people know instantly which they prefer, whereas others aren’t so sure. Both make great pets and are excellent companions for different reasons. 

The question is, which one is right for you? Here’s how to decide between a cat and a dog.

How Much Money Can You Spend?

You first need to determine how much you can spend on your pet, both for the initial purpose and then each month. Generally, a dog will set you back a little more. You can still spend a lot on a cat, though, especially if you want a particular breed or if your cat falls ill. You will need to find a good but cost-friendly local vet if you want to keep costs on the lower end.

How Much Time do You Have to Spare?

Another consideration is time. If you don’t have as much time to give your pet, a cat may be a better option, as they are more independent. If you work from home or always have family in the house, though, a dog would work perfectly. 

What do You Expect Out of Your Pet?

What you expect out of a pet will help you decide between a cat and a dog. Do you want a pet that loves cuddles and will always be by your side? You would be better off getting a dog. Would you rather have an animal that can care for itself for the most part? A cat might be the better option. 

If you are still stuck, here are some pros and cons of cats and dogs. 

Cat Pros and Cons 


  • They are more independent 
  • They are easily toilet trained 
  • They are a relaxing presence 


  • They may scratch furniture 
  • They won’t follow many commands 
  • They may not show as much affection 

Cats are generally more independent than dogs and don’t require as much attention. That doesn’t mean all are aloof and unfriendly, though! You can have an affectionate cat, but don’t expect it to cuddle twenty-four hours of the day. 

Dog Pros and Cons 


  • They are social and affectionate 
  • They are loyal 
  • They are fun 


  • They need daily walking  
  • They need lots of attention 
  • Large dogs are costly 

Dogs require a lot of attention. They need walking, petting, playing with, and more every day. They are clingier than cats, but they also tend to be more loyal. 

Which One is Right for You?

It’s all about personal preference and how much time/energy you can spare. People with less time and energy tend to work better with cats, whereas those who want an eager and excitable pet are better off with a dog. 

It should be noted, though, that cats’ and dogs’ personalities differ depending on the breed. You can find clingier cats and more independent dogs by researching different breeds. For example, the ragdoll cat often follows its owner from room to room, much like a dog. 

Both cats and dogs make wonderful pets. Make sure you make the right decision for yourself, and you will end up with a wonderful animal friend that will be there for you through thick and thin.

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