Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an ECBA™ Certification

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We agree that getting the first job and doing well in it at the same time, might feel overwhelming. But let us tell you that there are ways to overcome this difficulty. The trick is to also have real-world experience along with the degree or diploma you already have. An Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ or ECBA™ will give you that extra leverage, which will help you a lot in the long run. It is a certificate offered by the IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis, which definitely helps in increasing the power or level of your earning.

Let us Look at the Top Five Reasons Why the ECBA™ Certification Will be Helpful for You:

1.    It Focuses on the Presence of Your Fundamental Knowledge

Most jobs ask for work experience and it is difficult to have that of course if you are a fresher. But what then can you do to show the potential employers that you actually have that job knowledge that comes from experience? It is this certificate that can do the job. It will be a demonstration of your commitment towards knowledge, your passion to learn, and your basic understanding of Business Analysis. There will of course be training opportunities for some jobs, but having this certificate will give you the upper hand when it comes to your fellow trainees.

2.    HR Bots can no Longer Filter out Your Resume

There are a number of organizations nowadays that use Bots to do the preliminary screening of resumes with the help of analytic predictions. Now that you have another check box to fill with this certification, the Bots won’t be able to reject your resume and will have to let you through to the manual stage of selection.

3.    An ECBA™ Certification gives you the Fundamental Working Knowledge in Business Analytics

This is the part that works on your marketability. It shows your employers that you have the knowledge of the tools required and the best practices that the Business Analytics industry follows. So basically, the ECBA™ certificate will be proof of your knowledge that surpasses the limits of the degree that you already have.

4.    Helps in Building Your Network of Peers

Once you join the groups associated with IIBA, you can come in contact with other holders of the ECBA™ Certificate as well as other professionals who belong to the Business Analytics Industry. Opportunities can come anytime from anywhere, and you never know how helpful these networks can be when it comes to getting job opportunities.

5.    Hone Your Interview Skills

What you really have to do is to think like a professional. Once you get the ECBA™ Certification and make sure that you are through to the interview level, the next step will be to prepare well for the interview. The certificate will help you hone your interview skills and ensure that the employers understand that you know what you are talking about.

So, in short, with a small amount of investment, you will be increasing the chances of a higher salary in leaps and bounds and that is of course something you are looking for. So go for the ECBA™ Certification and look back no more.

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