Car Expert on How to Get the Best Used Car Deal Right Now

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·       Research shows second-hand car prices are rising at unprecedented rates

·       The price of a car remains priority to shoppers.

·       Car expert, Ben Newman, talks about how to grab a good deal on a car.

A semi-conductor chip shortage has disrupted the car industry, making many second-hand cars costing over 25% of what they costed this time last year.

We’ve spoken to Ben Newman, Motoring Expert working alongside findandfundmycar who has given us some handy hints and tips to ensure that we get the best deal when looking for a new-used car, despite car prices being at an all-time-high.

Here are his five tips on getting the best deal for you:


“You may already have a certain car in mind, but you’ll need to do some research to make sure that it’s the car for you. Check that the car you’re looking for has everything you want and need; sat navs, Bluetooth, leather seats etc. It’s worth making a list of three or four cars that are potentials, so that you can weigh the pros and cons of the specs for each.”

Setting a Budget

“With car prices having rocketed, the budget you may have set yourself last year may not get you quite the same car. However, if you have no idea what car you want, then start by using a site such as findandfundmycar to set a budget and see what’s around. You’re then able to get rid of any cars that you won’t be able to afford.”

Insurance and Tax

“If you think you’ve found your perfect car in your price range, then check your car insurance and car tax too to make sure it’s still in your budget. Insurance premiums go on the type of car that you’re driving, so it’s likely to go up or down. You can’t transfer car tax over, so you’ll get refunded for the remaining period on the current car, and then have to pay for a new premium from scratch.”

Shop Around

“Rather than wasting time and petrol driving from car shop to car shop, use an online tool that shows you what cars are where. If you’re looking for a Ford Fiesta, for example, then don’t just jump at the first one you see, take a look at different dealers to find which one is best for you. It’s important to check things like the milage, the paintwork and the year the car was made. If the car is ridiculously lower than every other car in that make and model, then quadruple check the specs; if it’s too good to be true, then it normally is.

Test Drive

“While the colour and the specs of the car are important, nothing is more important than how the car feels when it drives and when you’re sat in the driving seat. It’s important to give it a test drive prior to purchasing so you know everything feels right for you.” is a search platform with up to140,000 quality used cars from over 2,000 trusted dealers. findandfundmycar helps users find their dream car as well as suitable funding through MotoNovo Finance, the power behind findandfundmycar, all in one simple process.

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