3 Gift Ideas for The Otaku in Your Life

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We’ve all got an ‘otaku’ in our lives — a person infatuated with anime, manga and other forms of Japanese pop culture. Whether you have a Dragon Ball Z-obsessed little brother, a niece who won’t stop talking about Naruto, or a significant other with a steadily growing One Piece collection, anime has captured the hearts of millions.

If you’re on the hunt for an extraordinary gift for your favourite otaku, you might find yourself grappling with what to get them. But don’t worry. We’re here to lend a helping hand and unveil three amazing anime-inspired gifts that will make your task a breeze.

1. Framed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure print

With its distinctive style, intricate storytelling, and diverse range of characters, Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has captivated audiences worldwide. Its stunning visuals have bridged the gap between entertainment and fine art, proving that manga can hold its own in the realm of popular culture.

In 2009, JoJo transcended the boundaries of graphic art and made its mark in the illustrious halls of the world-famous Louvre Museum.

JoJo is undeniably a work of art, and the timeless elegance of beautifully framed artwork will never go out of style. For devoted fans of the classic comic, a framed page from the Japanese gem makes a meaningful gift. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with framing.

Soho Frames, a London-based company, highlights how “many of the standard acrylic and glass covers that come in shop-bought frames lack adequate protection to maintain ink colours over time.” This is where professional framers come into play. They can preserve the inks with protective glass, plus add a touch a sophistication that takes the gift to new heights.

2. Manga drawing lessons

Anime fans have a fierce admiration for the captivating art and unique style of manga. And what better way to ignite their passion than by gifting them a manga drawing class?

By taking lessons from anime experts, fans can establish a solid artistic foundation. Udemy provides an excellent course called Manga Art School, which is a flexible learn-from-anywhere video course spanning two to six weeks.

This class offers its students the opportunity to learn essential techniques, such as mastering proportions, understanding anatomy, grasping perspective, and experimenting with shading. This solid foundation won’t just improve their manga drawings, but it’ll also boost their general artistic skills.

You can also check out local art schools that offer drawing classes. These provide a great opportunity for anime fans to follow their passion in a structured and supportive setting. The schools usually have expert instructors who really know their stuff when it comes to the medium of manga.

3. Japan society membership

In addition to anime, otakus are often keen to explore various aspects of Japanese life and culture. The Japan Society London is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan in the UK.

The society organises various cultural, educational, and business events, and offers a range of benefits to its members. These include access to interactive events, interesting film screenings, and fun networking opportunities.

All in all, membership provides enriching experiences, exclusive access, and a sense of community to individuals who have a keen interest in Japanese culture and wish to deepen their connection with the country.

Based on its website, the Japan Society offers a standard membership for £48 per year. However, individuals under the age of 25 have the opportunity to enjoy the membership for just £10 per year.

If you are thinking of purchasing a membership for a younger person, you might be interested to learn that the organisation has just launched its exciting Japan Youth Collective, a new initiative for 16-19 year olds interested in the vibrant and enchanting country.

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