Top 10 World’s Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

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Once upon a time, motorcycles were a symbol of luxury for the upper class. They used these vehicles as bragging rights. When a member of the aristocracy rode a motorcycle through the streets, the common people would stare in awe at this wonderful vehicle. Over time, they became vehicles that were used for racing. These rallies were mainly held for the upper classes for entertainment but we’re also sometimes attended by the middle and lower classes, albeit by those who could afford the tickets.

Over time, motorcycles, more and more companies started making motorcycles and they became more affordable and more available to the general public. Various models, styles, features have been associated with motorcycles but their popularity has not decreased a bit. Through the years, they have been ridden by various celebrities, both on and off-screen, as a symbol of “coolness”. It is the best-suited vehicle for a one-man long drive. And the fuel used for motorcycles has also gone from petrol and diesel to electricity now. The best electric motorcycles are all just as good as the petrol or diesel-run ones. The biggest advantage of using electric motorcycles for adults is to protect the decreasing natural fuels of the earth.

Why should we use electric motorcycles?

The answer to this question can be divided into many points but it stems from a solitary objective: protecting the environment by reducing pollution and preserving natural fuels. Recharging an electric motorcycle is also cheaper than refueling a petrol or diesel-run vehicle. They are also easier to use as they don’t get as hot as diesel or petrol motorcycles. They are also low maintenance than diesel or petrol motorbikes and are much lightweight.


Electric motorcycles for adults are more affordable than diesel or petrol motorbikes as the price of electricity does not fluctuate as much as that of diesel or petrol. Thus, a user will also pay relatively bless to recharge the electric motorcycle than a gas run two-wheeler. And there’s no need to think that this is the only advantage. As mentioned before, they are also the best for the environment and the best electric motorcycles are all just as stylish as a gas-run two-wheeler.

Where to buy an electric motorcycle?

In almost every major city, dealers and franchisees are selling the best electric motorcycles all of which are quite affordable. You can also order your dream electric motorcycle online though it is best to buy it from a trusted dealer. You must also remember to keep in mind the other specifications of the electric motorcycle that you have in mind.

Top 10 World’s Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

From American and European to Asian and finally Indian, there are a huge number of brands making and selling superior electric motorcycles. Most of these are really good. Let us take a closer look at ten of the best electric motorcycle brands in the world :

Harley Davidson

Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

Well, no surprise there! Harley Davidson is easily one of the biggest names in motorcycles right now and it is no surprise that they made this list. Their impressive motorcycles are known for their sleek designs, amazing specifications and a name that has been trusted for generations, it only requires an hour of charging before it is ready to hit the road again. Just like their gas-run counterparts, these electric ones are simply the best in the business. Quite the spectacle, aren’t these Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Zero Motorcycles

Standing on a thirteen-year-old foundation that is known for innovation and iteration, Zero Motorcycles is one of the best brands in the world of e-motorbikes. With sleek designs and a superb performance to offer, the motorcycles of Zero have a range of 223 miles and can reach up speeds of 102 mph. The only disadvantage of e-motorcycles by Zero is that they take too long to charge. However, that issue can be solved by buying an additional charging tank. With everything else being perfect, this compromise is worth it. It is a dream for any motorcycle lover.


Italian engineering at its best, the racer electric motorcycles of Energica have a traditional design from the same F1 team and fineLe Mans engineering. These spectacular motorcycles have 145horsepower and a 107 kW engine. They can reach up to speeds of 150 mph, has a range of 93 miles and a torque of 143 lb-ft, and are thus,  total beasts on the road. Usually, take around three and a half hour to charge. A stunning addition to your prized collection of electric motorcycles in the garage.


One of the best electric motorcycle brands out there, Brutus is known for its heavy and sturdy motorcycles. Their motorcycles also perform surprisingly well, despite being so heavy. Their most popular creation, the V9 has a range of 280 miles, which is more than most other electric motorcycles. Having a battery capacity of 18.8 kWh, it can also attain top speeds of 115mph. Overall, it is quite rightly one of the best electric motorcycles out there. Quite the beast, isn’t it?


Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

Known for its uniquely designed electric motorcycles that make the rider look like a character from a sci-fi film, this Austrian brand is best for its J1 series of motorcycles. This lightweight, futuristic motorcycle has truly innovative technology and has a range of 125 miles with a maximum speed reaching up to 75 mph. Blessed with truly superior engineering, it has a battery capacity of 12.7 kWh, which is quite a bragging right. The bike motorcycle for showing off in the city.


One of the best electric motorcycle brands from Italy, Tacita is known for its stylish racer electric motorcycles. The most popular Tacita model is the T-Race Diabolikaz which is well-known for its flashy design, it is reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar. This stunning ride has an elegant design with a gold-trimmed exterior. It has a range of 100 miles and a five-speed gearbox. A superb fusion between a dirt bike, a racer bike, and a city rider.A worthy addition to your garage.


This Canadian startup is known for its racing superbikes, which are quite the beasts. It’s a most popular model, the Hypersport Pro has mind-blowing specifications such as a range of 200 miles of highway driving or 300 miles of city driving and top speeds of 200 mph. It is also known for being one of the safest electric motorcycles. It has an AI-controlled copilot safety system that can always be trusted to avoid collisions and accidents. Quite the stunner, isn’t it?

Alta Motors

Alta Motors is known for making motorcycles with a distinct café racer look. Its most popular model is the Redshift MXR, which is known for its streamlined engine, and a compact battery capacity of 5.8 kWh. This lightweight but sturdy bike is built for rocky terrains and can speeds up to 65 mph and has a range of 60 miles. Best for a long drive through the mountains. Also suited for a day in a dirt rally.


As a name suggests, it is supposed to give the owner the feeling of glory. Their motorcycles have a Bramno Lithium-Ion battery that takes about 4 hours to charge and has a capacity of 10.5 kWh.The most popular of their creations, the Empikse TT is a sustainable motorcycle that is well suited for day-to-day commuting. With a flashy and stylish design, this motorcycle has a range of 60 miles on average and can reach top speeds of 110 mph. It is also environment-friendly. Quite a stunner.

Lito Motorcycles

Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

A Canadian company, Lito Motorcycles is known for its sporty and stylish electric motorcycles which are performance-driven and have innovative designs. Their most popular model is the Sora, which is one of the most stylish electric motorcycles for adults and has a highly powerful battery. Considered by many to be the best electric motorcycle for the average environmentally conscious bike lover, it is built from lightweight fiber and can react to speeds up to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. A valuable addition to one’s collection of electric superbikes.


You now have quite a long list of some of the best electric motorcycle brands out there. And you also know their best models. They are also better options over gas-run motorcycles as they have no adverse effects on the environment. Most of these models are superbikes that are suited for racing as well as day-to-day commuting to work or long drives during the weekend.

All of those mentioned can be called the best electric motorcycle as they beat one another in one way or the other. Most electric motorcycles for adults are quite affordable and are cheaper than gas-run motorcycles in the long run. Thus, the time has come to choose electric motorcycles over their gas-run counterparts.

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