Why You Should Upgrade Your Jeep Accessories For The Spring

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There’s no time better than spring for updating your Jeep’s accessories. You’re ready to enjoy the open road, roll back the roof, and embark on some new adventures. There are several accessories that can help you get the most out of these adventures, including a 2021 Jeep Wrangler bug deflector. Nothing is more bothersome than finding a windshield plastered with bugs when you just want to enjoy the spring weather in your Jeep. Bug deflectors can help keep your windshield clean — and most deflector kits are easily installed with the application of a simple adhesive. This is great if you plan to enjoy a road trip or do lots of driving.

New Season New You

Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth, so of course, you want to take the opportunity to refresh your style — including your Jeep. In addition to installing a 2021 Jeep Wrangler bug deflector, you can upgrade your ride by giving your Jeep a thorough clean and wax. You can start by first washing the wheels and hosing off any dirt that may have accumulated. It’s a good idea to use a cleaner that’s specifically made for wheels and tires so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your Jeep.

When you’re washing the body of your car, you should be careful to use a formula that’s safe for cars as well as a cloth that won’t scratch its exterior. A formula that contains conditioners can help protect your paint and a microfiber cloth can safely remove grime without causing damage. If you want to prolong the effects of your cleaning job, you can finish it off with a fresh coat of car wax. Look for a product that features ceramic wax or carnauba wax and follow the instructions on the bottle to apply it safely.

Spring Can Bring Unexpected Weather

Spring might bring better weather than winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s predictable. On the contrary, you know that temperatures can fluctuate and showers can come and go as spring sets in. This can affect your Jeep if it’s left in inclement weather for an extended period or exposed to rain. Installing rain guards is an effective defense that can shield your vehicle’s interior from the threat of water damage. Rain guards are also sometimes called vent visors or vent shields, and they create a shield of protection above the windows of your Jeep.

The shield effectively prevents rain from entering its interior, even if the windows are partially open. This is great for anybody who wants to keep their windows cracked open to allow ventilation but doesn’t want to worry about the threat of mold and mildew that could arise from moisture entering their car. Water damage is especially difficult to deal with, so it’s important to prevent it in any way you can. This makes rain guards an essential accessory if you live in an area — as many people do — where the spring climate tends to be temperamental.

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