What Bigger Shocks Are Coming With Your increasing Electricity Bills

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When resources are tight, the shock of opening an energy bill and discovering it to be substantially more than anticipated may be quite stressful, especially when you have nothing planned when the crisis hits.

When the electricity bill increases, you are likely to face many other challenging factors that can be hard to deal with. In this article, I will be sharing with you various things that you need to be aware of and what bigger shocks are coming with your electricity bills so you can be clear.

So let’s get started with the article.

What Could Be the Reason for a Rise in Your Electric Bill?

Various reasons can cause an increase in your electricity bill; you might not even be aware of them. It can even be caused by a small appliance that can have such a big impact. Here I will be discussing some of the things that can make the electricity bills increase.

Starting, you need to know that you can be faced with an erroneous reading as a result of a malfunction if your meter is situated directly in the sun during hot weather. Normally, this might occur at any time of the year.

Another reason can be a failing appliance. Your first clue that a large appliance is broken down may be an abnormally high electric bill. For instance, you will pay more if your refrigerator has to work harder to keep things cool.

Moving on, another reason for high electricity bills is seasonal variation. The most frequent reason for your yearly panic is due to this. Your air conditioning system will have to work significantly more difficult if you use a normal programmable thermostat and leave it in the spring settings.

Lastly, if you have a leaking current, then that can increase the bills as well. Even if it happens infrequently, it might be to blame for an unexpectedly large increase in your electric bill. Wattage will be lost at a high cost due to living wires or current leaks in the breaker box. It’s also extremely risky.

Oil Crisis

An oil crisis is said to have an immediate and dramatic impact on the economy, much like a large wave breaking on the beach. Another form of shock is an electrical crisis. It creeps up on you slowly but relentlessly, and then, shocks you find yourself overtaken. It’s like a soaring wave.

This distinction explains why electricity is typically ignored by investors and regulators, whereas oil is the focus. This is a serious error since there will soon be another severe electricity price spike, similar to the one that hit Europe after the previous year.

The rise in Electricity Prices

The main cause of this dilemma is the conflict in Ukraine, which has increased natural gas and coal costs. It is further compounded by France’s poor nuclear energy production: state-owned Électricité de France SA recently lowered its nuclear energy production prediction for 2022 to less than 300 terawatt hours, a decrease of more than 30 percent from what it generated 10 years ago.

For their customers, European utilities fix the price of electricity on the wholesale market months in advance. Therefore, the current price rises for futures contracts’ are causing the retail price for the following year to increase by a large amount.

External Elements That Influence the Cost of Power

Here I will be mentioning the top three reasons that can impact the tariff and put you in a difficult situation.

1.       Inflation

Economic inflation is one factor that raises prices. Your electricity bill may go up in line with the government’s general goal of having all goods and services’ values rise by 2-3 percent annually. But this would not always mean that your pay will rise in tandem.

2.       Infrastructure

There is a cost associated with delivering the energy to your home because the majority of the power is produced far from the wall plugs. The distributors pick up this bill and give it to the dealers, who then reinforce it to your bill.

3.       Government Influence

It has been criticized that various government initiatives to cut carbon emissions and promote interest in renewable energy sources have changed energy pricing.

Given that there is only one distribution system, government restriction helps to strengthen the network’s economic viability while keeping prices reasonable. This rivalry between providers keeps prices fairly low.

Will A Fixed Rate Help?

You certainly need something that will be able to protect you, especially when you think that the market rate, as well as the variable rate, is too much to take in. If you have questions in mind, such as, should I fix my energy prices until 2024, then you must know that a fixed-rate electricity plan from your energy supplier will be the best option.

It is as easy as it sounds: your cost won’t fluctuate much at all; it will simply depend on how much electricity you use. Remember that a fixed-rate plan’s rate is based on a standard of market pricing over a year, so it can be greater than the rate for your lowest month.

However, since you won’t be paying double at random times of the year, this cost will balance out over time.

Renewable Energy; A Better And Cheaper Option

In most regions of the world today, renewable energy offers the most affordable electricity choice. The cost of renewable energy technology is falling quickly. Between 2010 and 2020, the cost of solar-generated electricity decreased by 85 percent. Costs for on and offshore wind power decreased by 56% to 48%.

Falling costs make renewable energy increasingly appealing everywhere, particularly in low- and middle-income nations, where the majority of the future electricity demand will originate.

With costs on the decline, there is a good chance that in the upcoming years, a large portion of the new energy supply will come from low-carbon sources.

Power Trading

German utilities and major energy consumers are currently exchanging power for delivery throughout 2023 at a record-breaking 200 euros per megawatt-hour. Futures rates in 2019 were roughly $50, to put that into context.

At an all-time high for the contract, France’s 2023 forward electricity prices increased this week to well more than 300 euros per megawatt hour. The identical contract traded for less than 130 euros per megawatt hour in January. These price increases are already starting to affect retail pricing this year, making them extremely high.

However, when the electrical market reaches its peak in late 2022 and early 2023, many families and small companies may drown.


I expect you to now understand what bigger shocks are coming with your increasing electricity bills. Due to various factors such as conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, oil, gas as well as electricity prices, it can be extremely difficult for people to deal with the bills.

However, there are several ways you can try to overcome that issue, especially by keeping a check on how you use electricity in your home. You can even compare the providers and switch deals with a cheaper supplier or even have fixed-rate plans to help you in a crisis.

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