5 Practical Ways To Identify Your Ideal Career Path

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Choosing a career path is understandably overwhelming. With so many lucrative options, identifying the right one is not always easy. While some seem to have their hearts set on a particular career from a young age, most of us just can’t seem to figure things out.

So, if college admissions are approaching and you still aren’t settled on a career path, we’ve listed five practical ways you can identify your ideal profession.

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Take Tests To Determine Your Interests

Whatever you decide to do one day, it’s vital that you enjoy your job. Make sure you won’t dread peeling yourself out of bed every morning to travel to a job you absolutely hate.

A great way to determine your career interests is to take a series of tests. The big five personality test is a series of sixty questions that will total up professions you’ll be interested in. There are various career aptitude tests out there, and it’s worthwhile to take a few if the first doesn’t yield results that help you find some direction.

Use The G+P+V Formula

The G+P+V formula weighs your gifts, passions, and values to help you pick the most fitting career path.

Gifts refer to your natural strengths. Think about things that you are naturally good at, and write them down. Next, your passions refer to things that spark excitement in you, so think about things like helping others, problem-solving, or even working in a team. Write these passions down. Lastly, your values refer to your personality and your lifestyle. List things that are non-negotiable, your ideal working environment, and other details that explain your character.

Merge these three fundaments to match yourself to a career path.

Consider Options You’ve Never Thought Of Before

If you’ve only been listing mainstream career options like lawyer, doctor, dentist, or teacher, then it makes sense why you’re experiencing difficulty choosing a path.

There’s an endless list of career options, so consider looking into options you’ve never thought of or even heard of before. Perhaps a career in arts will spark your interest, or maybe photography is the right path for you.

Consider An Internship

If you’ve rounded up a few candidate career paths but still aren’t sure, you could consider opting for an internship or two. With this, you’ll be able to explore the industry a bit without having to commit just yet.

Internships are also relatively easy to land; you’ll need to keep your eye glued to a few job boards and apply to internships that you find interesting.

Consider Reaching Out To A Mentor

If you still aren’t too sure about which direction is best for you, you should consider reaching out to a mentor. Career counselors are readily available and well versed in helping students pick the most suitable path. You’ll also receive assistance in developing a five-year career plan.

Choosing a career path is not always easy, but with the right approach, a few tests, and the help of a mentor, you can simplify the process of selecting the most suitable career path for you.

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